large neodymium magnet

Where to Buy Large Magnets

Want to buy the large super neodymium magnets?

In this article, we would like to help you know how to get a big size magnet from a Chinese supplier. 

Where to buy?

If someone asks me where to buy can we buy a big neodymium magnet? The answer must be China.  China suppliers have applied outstanding quality, innovative magnetic design and advanced manufacturing to help their customers succeed. Lots of them ensure long-term reliability and quality with the vertically integrated approach. They will help you in solving the design challenges and also it identifies the best and the top quality materials for the target application. Most of them have expert capabilities that enable the customers to meet their needs with their involvement in machining, assembling, designing and testing the client’s products.

large neodymium magnet

For thousands of years, the magnets were used only as compass needles and toys in China. But since the advent of the electronics, the magnets have found their application in many of the everyday objects. In the 20th century beginning, many unique advances were made in magnetic materials. Now, the magnets are used widely in the speakers, hard drives, turbines, electric motors, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, cathode ray tubes, transformers, and more. As we know, China is the world factory,  they produce and sell these products all over the world. So you should believe they have well experience in produce big size magnet.

These 2 factors should be pay attention to:

1.Large size magnet material is hard to find

Not every magnet factories can make big size neodymium magnet. The first point is, you should know where to buy the big size material. If you ask some regular factories for the big size. They will reject or offer you a crazy price. Because they need to takes time to check with the material supplier.  That is a big work.  70mm material is an easy find. A 200mm magnet will be very difficult. 250mm, some suppliers tell that it is an impossible mission.

2.Big Size Neodymium Magnet is very hard to ship

Ship a big size neodymium magnet is a big problem. If you want to ship it by air cargo or Express, that will take you the high cost.  Because we need to make the magnetic power small and get the IATA  report. If we want to do that well, the packing is a big work. And the parcel will be very heavy. For example, we shipped one magnet to USA, 240x50mm, N48, the net weight is almost 17kg. If we want to pack it well and ship it by express. That means the parcel will be 80 kg and the freight will be 1300USD.

so if you want to buy such a big magnet, ship it by sea will be a good choice.  the cost will be small.

big size magnet

250x50mm Neodymium Magnet N48

1.large size neodymium is hard to process

Even you find the material, processing will be another problem. Because not all machines can handle it. Lots of regular factories just can operate magnet which is smaller than 60mm. If over that, they have to buy a new machine to process it.  Even you have a machine to process it, you still need an experienced worker to do it. That is important. Without a skilled engineer, even packing the magnet will be a big problem. As you know such big size magnet will get very big power. That is a big risk. Just like Halbach Array,even that is small set Halbach array, still difficult to assemble. That needs lots of skilled engineers to deal with it.

As we discussed, if you want a big size custom neodymium magnet what you need are :
1. big size magnet material
2. the machine can process big size magnet
3. Skilled engineer

That is the main factors, but still has some technical limit,you should know:
1.Max size magnet with stable quality
like the cylindrical magnet,
the max radial magnetize direction size is 250mm
the max axel magnetize direction size is 50mm
these are stable size, some factories produce almost 300mm but the quality is not stable.

2. Big size magnet separator is not made by one magnet
Someone misunderstands the magnet separator, thought that is made by one magnet. In fact, that is assembly by many small pcs magnet, and use stainless to cover it. In fact lots of magnets assembly are made from many small pcs magnets.

Big size neodymium magnets are strong

Large neodymium magnets are the practical magnets, that create a strong magnetic field and possess the best magnetic properties. They are known as strong because they resist demagnetization and possess high saturation magnetization. It is actually the alloy of iron, boron, and neodymium forming the crystalline structure.

Prominent advantages of the large super neodymium magnets

  • It has a higher remanence.
  • It has a higher coercivity.
  • It shows the best magnetic properties at very high temperatures.
  • Its strength is unmatched.
  • Higher energy products are made from large neodymium magnets.

If you want to find a China magnet supplier to produce very big size magnet. We believe Osenc is the one who is efficiently and fully committed to optimal customer satisfaction through the proactive refinement of external and internal communications, fueling the continuous improvement and enhancement. From the owner down towards the organization’s team and workers and out to the suppliers, Osenc’s vision is to become the worldwide leader of the magnetic industry and it is successfully continuing it’s a journey towards the destination of success.

Want to buy big size neodymium magnet?

Don’t hesitate to Contact us.  We produce a big size magnet from N35 to N52 grade and the max size is 250mm