large neodymium magnet

Where to Buy Large Magnets

Want to buy the large super neodymium magnets?That is hard to find a good supplier for that.

You should find it in China.  China suppliers have applied the outstanding quality, innovative magnetic design and advanced manufacturing to help their customer succeed. Lots of them ensure long-term reliability and quality with the vertically integrated approach. They will help you in solving the design challenges and also it identifies the best and the top quality materials for the target application. Most of them have expert capabilities enable the customers to meet their needs with their involvement in machining, assembling, designing and testing of the client’s products.

For thousands of years, the magnets were used only as compass needles and toys in China. But since the advent of the electronics, the magnets have found their application in many of the everyday objects. In the 20th century beginning, many unique advances were made in magnetic materials. Now, the magnets are used widely in the speakers, hard drives, turbines, electric motors, credit cards, cathode ray tubes, transformers and more. As we know, China is the world factory,  they produce and sell these products all over the world. So you should believe they have well experience in produce magnet. No matter how big you want, how special shape you want.

Large size magnet material is hard to find

Large size magnet does not every magnet factories can make it. The first factor is, you should know where to buy the big size material. If you ask some regular factories for the big size. They will reject or offer you a crazy price. Because they need to takes time to check with the material supplier.  That is a big work.  70mm material is an easy find. But 200mm ,will be very difficult.

large neodymium magnet

Want such a big magnet?  conatc us , Osenc can help you

Large size is hard to operate

When you find the material, operate it will be a problem. Because not all machine can handle it. Lots of regular magnet factories just can operate magnet whihc is smaller than 60mm. If over that, you should buy a new machine to do it.  Even you have a machine to operate it , you still need an experienced worker to do it. That is important.

Magnetic Assemblies

China suppliers offers you their decades of technology and experience leadership along with industry’s most extensive investment within the engineering and tools in order to help you and your partners in achieving the much demanding application requirements.

They have a deep understanding of highly specialized requirements and needs of the magnetic performance in the medical applications. Osenc leverage the magnetic engineering knowledge for optimizing the quality and performance.

Magnetic Cores and Accessories

They offers the industry’s most diverse and advanced array of magnetic materials. Lots of experienced engineers help you in choosing the correct high-quality products and provide you with the best large neodymium magnets. Also they delivers you the cost-effective solutions that fit to your needs and specifically your budget.

So they will provides their customers with many interesting shapes of the big neodymium magnets with extreme accuracy and strength. Chinese strongest big neodymium magnet is the best product. Due to its epoxy classy coating, they are extremely beautiful big neodymium magnets. Because of their low cost and high strength, these large neodymium magnets have revolutionized the magnetic products. Big neodymium magnets are the strongest magnets.

Neodymium magnets are strong

Large neodymium magnets are the practical magnets, that creates the strong magnetic field and possess the best magnetic properties. Neodymium magnets are known as strong because they resist the demagnetization and possess the high saturation magnetization. It is actually the alloy of iron, boron and neodymium forming the crystalline structure.

Prominent advantages of the large super neodymium magnets

  • It has the higher remanence.
  • It has the higher coercivity.
  • It shows best magnetic properties at very high temperatures.
  • Its strength is unmatched.
  • Higher energy products are made from large neodymium magnets.

If you want to fine a China magnet supplier. We believe Osenc is the one who is efficiently and fully committed to optimal customer satisfaction through the proactive refinement of external and internal communications, fueling the continuous improvement and enhancement. From the owner down towards the organization’s team and workers and out to the suppliers, the Osenc’s vision is to become the worldwide leader of the magnetic industry and it is successfully continuing it’s journey towards the destination of success.

Want to buy big size neodymium magnet?

Welcome, contact us.

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