mirco magnet

Tiny neodymium magnet which the dimension smaller than 1mm, the minimum magnet we can produce is 0.2×0.2×0.2mm

big Neodymium Magnets

The maximum size is 250mm x 50mm, which takes time to produce. and all large neodymium only can ship by sea. If ship by air will be very expensive.

Halbach magnet supplier

Make permanent magnets with special arrangements can create a very strong magnetic field on one side.


With the new technology, you don’t need to worry about frequent failures, oil spills, environmental pollution, and long downtime.

Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnets

When you need custom neodymium magnets. We are here and have the ability to offer you custom neodymium magnets. The magnets you require, we will do our best to save time and cost to complete. If you want to buy some micro neodymium magnets or big neodymium magnets, don’t hesitate to contact us.

About Osenc

Osenc has been in the neodymium magnets business for over 20 years, providing magnets and magnetic assembly for a wide range of industrial, commercial, technical & consumer applications to thousands of customers.

What Neodymium Magnets Do We Offer?

Osenc offers customized magnets and accepts Retail & Bulk magnets for sale. Osenc focuses on the strongest neodymium magnets, magnetic assembly, and service.

Magnetic Assembly

Magnetic assembly is one of our main businesses. we have our own machine to process customer’s orders. likes the magnetic drum, Halbach array, magnetic coupling, magnetic wheels for the crawler. As you know, producing a magnetic assembly is not just like pay lego. That needs some professional engineer to make it. So we have an engineering team, they can analyze, make simulations & assembly your order.


And we also know that lots of customers not just need neodymium magnets, but also need service. What is service? We guess service means all kind of reports, make sure the parcel can be delivered in time, respond quickly.

Welcome send us your sketch and requirement, we will reply to you ASAP.

Does The Neodymium Magnets Really That Strong?

yes, they are. neodymium magnets (also name super magnet) are very popular in the market. As they have an extremely high magnetic pull and magnetic field. Handle magnets, especially large ones, without professional training. That is very dangerous, can cause severe injury.

  • Magnet Advantage
  • Tolerance: 0.01mm

    Maximum Size:250mm

    Minimum Size:0.2mm


    Magnet Assembllies: Magnetic Separator,

    Halbach Array,Fishing Magnet

    Coating:Ni, Zn, Epoxy, Cr,Cu,Au, Parylene

    • Customer Service

    No MOQ

    Have Import &Export License

    All shipping Document with same title

    30 Magnet reports can be choose.

    Ship by Air with IATA license

    ISO9001, ISO16949

    Neodymium Magnet Attorney

    Testing / Report 1

    Sault Spray Testing/ Sweet Testing

    Drop Testing

    Mechanical Strength


    High & Low Temperatrure Testing

    Surface Magnetic Field Testing

    High Temperature & High Humidity

    Testing / Report 2

    Reverse Magnetic Field Testing

    Hystersignraph Testing

    ELV (End of life Vehicle)

    CE-RoHS 2.0,


    Reach 201