Rare earth magnets are the strongest type of the permanent magnets manufactured and are integral to the high tech industry, especially in the clean energies, like the wind turbine generators and the electric vehicle motors. China extracts and it produces over 95% of the world’s rare earth minerals, moreover has cut its exports since the year 2010. In addition to the supply chain concerns, extraction process is extremely destroying the environment.

But which magnet is stronger than the neodymium magnet?

Recently, a lot of experimental work has been done on the Iron and Nitrogen in order to combine for manufacturing a much stronger iron nitride magnet. In the beginning, experiments produced only thin films or powders which were not appropriate and suitable for many applications. But, when the fabrication process was employed and it produced the magnet in the bulk form that can be used in a number of applications. Moreover fabrication process in very compatible with the existing mass-production techniques. Nitrogen and the iron inputs are comparatively low cost, hence enabling extremely cheap permanent magnets which exceed performance of the rare earth magnets.

Permanent Magnets

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Benefits and features of the iron nitride

  • Iron nitride permanent magnet does not need any rare earth inputs. It uses low cost and common nitrogen and the iron inputs.
  • Iron nitride permanent magnets are environment friendly.
  • Iron nitride permanent magnets are compatible with the mass production techniques.
  • This strongest iron nitride permanent magnet is used in many high tech applications that include electronics, wind turbines and electric motors.
  • The theoretical limit of the magnetic properties if iron nitride permanent magnet are more than the twice, maximum reported magnetic energy of the rare earth magnet.Osenc Made Such Big Size Magnet

The other two magnets which are considered stronger equally as neodymium magnets

  • Dysprosium has highest magnetic field strength than all other elements and it is added to the neodymium magnets for increasing their resistance towards corrosion and demagnetization. The neodymium magnets are quite prone to corrosion and as they are very hard, dysprosium makes them brittle.
  • The other stronger magnet is the Somarium Cobalt. As compared to the neodymium, SmCo provides you with the unique capabilities like higher energy density at the elevated temperatures. Somarium cobalt is now equally in line with neodymium magnets in terms of their usage in applications.

We have many devices currently that are in use today which employ use of the magnets. Headphones, earphones and speakers have the magnetic coils and magnets that convert the electrical signals into sound. Propellers and the fans also have magnets which converts the electrical energy into the mechanical energy and the vice versa. The power plant generators use magnets to drive the generators. Strip magnets are used by the freezers and the refrigerators as door seals to seal the inner atmosphere of the freezer and the refrigerator. Now, Somarium Cobalt and the Dysprosium are being used in many of the applications in place of the neodymium magnets.