Micro Magnet

micro magnets

Micro magnet (also name tiny magnets, small magnets, little magnets), very important units in the industry. like  Because the equipment is getting more precise and smart. Like sensor, motor, reed switches, and wristwatch, medical equipment. so that needs the dimension is smaller and smaller. And the smallest can be 0.2mm.


Small magnet (Little magnet): 2-1mm

Micro magnet (Tiny magnet): 0.2-1mm


Discs, Rings, Arcs, Blocks, and Spheres as well as custom geometries.


Ni, Epoxy, Parylene. these are the three main costings in micro magnet production.



Hard to process

Micro magnet is hard to process because that is too small. Cutting and coating is the big problem.

Regulation production can not use for the micro magnet. Because that will make big tolerance.

With our continuous improvement efforts, Osenc has increased the capacity to deliver micron-sized magnets, and now we can process 0.2mm magnets.

Osenc always provides long-term-stability products, which have high quality. We have achieved great development in this field. Our products, especially our deep-hole thin magnetic ring are widely used in watches, clocks, micro-motor, meters, optical communication, and other fields. Also, we can make a new design according to the customer’s drawing and request. We will satisfy customers with our best technique in magnetic tubes, magnetic cylinders, columnar magnets, magnetic pipe, hole magnets, magnetic duct, pipe magnet, tube magnet, Cylinder magnet, deep hole magnet, etc

Custom Shape Micro Magnet

Custom micro magnet is very difficult for lots of factories. This processing ability makes us very proud of ourselves.

In this business, produce big magnets is easier, but produce micro magnets is very very difficult.

Even in China, just a few factories can produce such little magnets with a special shape, like drill a hole in a tiny magnet or the shape is special (likes below picture ).

If you want to purchase any Mirco magnet, don’t hesitate to contact us!