Micro Magnet

0.2×0.2×0.2mm magnet. Osenc can produce it!

Some customers were very surprised Osenc not just can produce large neodymium magnets,  but can offer micro magnets too––  the length can be just 0.2 millimeters!

Lots of customer call a 1mm-3mm magnet is the micro magnets. That is not accurate. We guess 2-3mm is small magnets, 1-2mm tiny magnet. and 0.2-1mm is the micro magnet.   And most of the Micro magnets use for very precise instruments, like the Swiss Watch. But we can’t show more usage due to confidentiality and proprietary reasons.


Custom shape Micro Magnet

This processing ability makes us very proud of ourselves. Even in China, less than 10 factories can produce small magnet with special shape, like drill a hole in a tiny magnet or the shape is spcial (likes below picture ).


If you want to purchase any Mirco magnet, don’t hesitate to contact us!