Buying Large Neodymium Magnets

5 Factors Before Buying Large Neodymium Magnets You Should Know:

*lead time will be longer — it takes 35-80 days

*hard to process — need some special machine to produce and experience

*the cost does not lower — big size always means more rare earth and need spare units.

*shipping is a problem — ship by sea takes time but cheap, ship by express is quickly but the cost is high

*make sure you really need it — in some cases, magnetic assembly is better than the big magnet

The maxmium neodymium magnet we can offer is Dia250*40mm, N52.




There are many magnet factories in China. Whether in Europe or the Americas, many NdFeB magnets sold by major brands are produced in China. But even so, there are not too many factories that can produce large-size magnets of 150mm. There are even fewer factories capable of producing 250mmr. Because the demand for large-size magnets is not great, and special machines are needed to produce them.

Osenc are one of the companies that can provide customers with large size magnets over 150mm. At present, the largest size we can produce is 250*40mm. When the magnetizing direction is 50mm, the maximum size is 200*50mm.



1. Make sure you are a professional or have received professional training and know-how to handle magnets.

Maybe all of us know neodymium magnets. They are some type of permanent magnets made of rare earth elements. As the kind of magnetic objects that can be bought, neodymium magnets generate extremely strong magnetic fields. Because of this unique and remarkable characteristic, neodymium magnets are not only widely used in the manufacture of robots, but also in the fields of technology and science.

Neodymium magnets are very powerful. The bigger or bigger they are, the more you need to be careful to avoid being hit or squeezed by their attraction.

Another physical feature that makes large neodymium magnets difficult to handle mechanically is that these magnets are very brittle and will become many small pieces if impacted. Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening, the manufacturers of these magnets coat them with a layer of higher physical strength.

Neodymium magnets cannot be made very large. And their pull is very strong. It is almost impossible to connect a large magnet to any other magnet or any metal object. If two magnets are attracted together, it is very difficult to separate the two large magnets.

large ring manget

2. Make sure you really need a large size magnet.

We have met many customers who offered to buy magnets, but in fact none of them really needed it. In fact, their needs can be met with magnetic assembly in many cases.

big ring magnet

3. Lead time is longer.

This includes production time as well as transportation time. Because the large-size magnets are all customized, the factory generally does not have raw materials. Therefore, the production time will be longer than the small size. Normally, when producing a large magnet, the factory will definitely prepare a spare part. just in case. Sometimes it may be the first time that it fails to meet the standard and needs to be re-produced. This leads to a production time of as long as 40-80 days.
We recommend that all large size magnets be shipped by sea. Because this is the most cost-effective. If it is shipped by air, the cost is very high. And we only ship orders with an even number of products by air.

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