Large Neodymium Magnets

Large Neodymium Magnets (also name big neodymium magnet) is our name for magnets with dimensions over 150mm. Because of its strong pull force and strong magnetic field, it is widely used in large fans, motors, and large robots. It is a typical industrial magnet.

Large magnets, whether N35, N45, or N52, are dangerous. No matter what it is used for, it requires professionally trained personnel to handle it. Large Magnet can stick magnet and iron plate very easily. So people should be very careful.  And separate magnet is very difficult too. The magnet will be damaged if handled incorrectly.

The single production cost of large magnets will be very high, and the delivery time will be very long. For customers who are in the research and development stage, we recommend customers ask the magnet manufacturer if there are products of similar size in stock. This saves cost and time.

Osenc has a strong production capacity and can provide customers with a large round or large ring magnets with a maximum diameter of 250*40mm or 200*50mm. We can make large magnets smaller than this size for you according to your special needs.

big block magnet

How big is large neodymium magnet

If google this question, the answer is 40x40x20mm.

For many consumers, yes, this is large enough.

For some enterprise users, that size is too small. The largest size we can produce now is 250*40mm or 200*50mm, and the square is 300*100*30mm. In fact, lots of magnetic drum customers want to make it larger, such as 300mm in diameter. And then they can use a one pcs ring magnet instead of some small arc magnets to assemble their magnet drum.

Large Neodymium Magnets

How much do big magnets cost?

People always ask “are neodymium magnets expensive?” The answer is yes. Because that is made of rare earth.  The large neodymium magnets will be more expensive. Prices range from $800 to $2000, and sometimes more.

As a large magnet for industrial use, the price will be more expensive than the large magnets which are sold on amazon. Because the size is big and hard to process. There are many factors that affect the price, among which the most important factors are the following

1. Dimension
A larger size means more raw materials are required for production. The main raw material is the rare earth, neodymium. Therefore, the larger the size, the higher the price, and the difficulty of production will be greater.

2. Grade
Neodymium magnets are all graded by the material they are made of. The higher-grade magnet always means it needs more rare earth. The greater the temperature resistance, the greater the need for other types of rare earth. That is why the same dimension magnet, N35EH is very higher than the N35.

3. Quantity
Quantity makes the price quite different too. For example, if the customer just buys 1 pcs, the price is 1000USD. If the customer wants to buy 2 pcs, the price will be 850USD/pcs.

Permanent Magnets

Where to buy a large neodymium magnets

We are one of the few companies in China capable of supplying large magnets. Whether in Europe or America, the NdFeB magnets sold by many large companies are produced in China. In China, there are not many factories that can produce large magnets with a diameter of 150mm. There are even fewer factories capable of producing 250mm diameter.


How to ship the large neodymium magnets

1. Ship by sea

Ship the big neodymium magnet is the best choice. Because the magnetic strength is too big. and how to matter how many pieces you want to ship, that is no problem. The weakness is that takes a long time.

2. Ship by air cargo/express

If ship by air, it depends on how big it is. And need to pack the magnet with many iron plates. That will increase the cost too much. Even we pack it with many iron plates, there has almost 50% opportunity that the gauss value is still too big. And then can not get the IATA report. With our experience, just ship one pcs that is 30% can not send not. If we ship 2 pcs, 80% opportunity can be sent out. If you want to know more, pls contact us.

big ring magnet

How large is the magnetic field from the large neodymium magnets

If just 1 piece magnet, that can not over 0.6 Tesla(6000guass).
If use NdFeB to assemble a Halbach array, the gauss value can be bigger. The highest value we have ever made is 1.47T(147000 guass). It was made for the Max Planck Institute.

neodymium magnets

What should be noted when buying large neodymium magnets

1. Make sure you really need a large size magnet

We have met many customers who offered to buy magnets. But just a few of them really needed it. In many cases, their needs can be met with magnetic assembly, likes Halbach.

2. Make sure you are a professional or have received

professional training and know-how to handle magnets.
“Maybe all of us know neodymium magnets. They are some type of permanent magnets made of rare earth elements. As the kind of magnetic objects that can be bought, neodymium magnets generate extremely strong magnetic fields. Because of this unique and remarkable characteristic, neodymium magnets are not only widely used in the manufacture of robots, but also in the fields of technology and science.

Neodymium magnets are very powerful. The bigger they are, the more you need to be careful to avoid being hit or squeezed by their attraction.

Another physical feature that makes large neodymium magnets difficult to handle mechanically is that these magnets are very brittle and will become many small pieces if impacted. Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening, the manufacturers of these magnets coat them with a layer of higher physical strength.

Neodymium magnets cannot be made very large. And their pull is very strong. It is almost impossible to connect a large magnet to any other magnet or any metal object. If two magnets are attracted together, it is very difficult to separate the two large magnets.

3. lead time and shipping time is long

This includes production time as well as transportation time. Because the large-size magnets are all customized, the factory generally does not have raw materials. Therefore, the production time will be longer than the small size. Normally, when producing a large magnet, the factory will definitely prepare a spare part. just in case. Sometimes it may be the first time that it fails to meet the standard and needs to be re-produced. This leads to a production time of as long as 40-80 days. In most cases, that is 40days.
We recommend that all large size magnets be shipped by sea. Because this is the most cost-effective. If it is shipped by air, the cost is very high. And we only ship orders with an even number of products by air.”

How strong is the pull of the big magnet?

Does the large neodymium magnets can  delete data from the phone or HDD

As far as we know magnets are unable to delete data. But it affects some functions of the phone, such as the compass. And magnet also cannot delete HDD information.

How large neodymium magnets trigger green lights

We know that some motorcycle enthusiasts use some big magnets to trigger traffic lights. But actually, we don’t know much about this. The big magnets that hobbyists say are not the same size as the ones we actually offer. But if you must give an answer, you can refer to this post “Traffic Light Trigger

Does the big neodymium magnet have a bigger pull force?

The answer is “no”.

The ratio of the weight that magnets of different shapes and sizes can pick up and their own weight varies greatly, some are less than 200 times, some are more than 500 times, and some can reach more than 3000 times, so the 600 times written on the Internet is not completely correct
Cylinders or round cakes of the same diameter, the greater the height, the greater the weight that can be sucked up, and the suction force is basically proportional to the height
Cylinders or round cakes of the same height, the larger the diameter, the greater the weight that can be sucked up, and the suction force is basically proportional to the diameter
Cylinders or round cakes of the same volume and weight have different diameters and heights, and the weight that can be sucked up varies greatly. Generally, the longer the magnet orientation direction, the greater the suction force.
Magnets of the same volume will not necessarily have the same suction force, depending on the shape, the suction force may vary greatly
Magnets that pick up ferromagnetic substances of the same weight may vary in shape, volume and weight
Regardless of the shape, the length of the orientation direction has the greatest effect on the determination of suction

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