Where to buy neodymium magnet

Neodymium magnets are widely used in many industries, such as robots, speakers, packages, motor,etc. As you know, neodymium magnets are expensive, so many customers ask the same question, where can I get high-quality magnets and save money?
Some people say to buy from China. In fact, this is not entirely true. it depends on your situation:

1 Small quantity of regular size magnets.

Buy it online or go to a local store near you. Both of them are ok. If you are first time using the magnet, going to the local store is the best choice. In lots of case, customers buy higer grade magnets for their project. Because you have no idea how big magnetic strength you need. So you can ask the salesperson to help you choose the right magnet for your project.

2. Big quantity

Undoubtedly, buying large quantities of neodymium magnet magnets from a Chinese supplier is the best option. Whether it is a trader or a factory.They each have their own advantages. Trader has a good experience in the service, they know how to collect payment, and anylisc your case, and ship the magnets well. (For lots of magnet suppliers, magnet shipping still is a big problem. They don’t know how to properly ship magnets. Because China has strict requirements for the transportation of goods.) When buying from a factory, the price will be competitive.
In summary, buying a big quantity of neodymium magnets from China can save lots of costs. You have to place your order as early as possible, they need 20-30 days to produce. In terms of freight, even air freight will take 10 days, and sea freight is 30-45 days.It’s like spending time and saving money.

3. custom magnets

In some cases, customers want to buy neodymium magnets with high Anti-corrosion requirements. some customers want the SmCo magnet to have a special shape. In such a case, you should contact a China magnet trader. That will save time and the cost will not too high. Custom magnet is not is an easy job. Just a few factories have the ability to process it.

Osenc offers high quality neodymium magnets. That is a wide range of sizes, shapes, plating, and grades. The neodymium magnet magnets can be designed and made for all types of applications. It can meet your requirement.