Where to Buy Earth Rare Magnets

If you are looking for the strongest Neodymium magnets and are worried, then you are at the right place. Yes! Now Osenc will provide you with the original and the strongest neodymium magnets.

A neodymium magnet is also called as NIB, Neo magnet or NdFeB Magnet. It is the permanent magnet which is made from the alloy of neodymium, boron and iron to form the crystalline tetragonal Nd2Fe14B and is most widely used kind of rare earth magnet. In 1982, it was developed independently by the Sumitomo Special Metals and General Motors. Strongest type of the permanent magnets that are commercially available are the neodymium magnets.

Due to the different manufacturing processes, neodymium magnets are divided into the two sub-categories:

  • Bonded NdFeB magnets
  • Sintered NdFeB magnets

In modern products they have replaced other magnets in many of the applications which require permanent strong magnets like motors in the cordless tools, magnetic fasteners and hard disk drives.

Osenc offers the best and the strongest neodymium magnets of the Grade N50, N52, N42, N45 N36 and N35. These are most popular and the strong Rare Earth Magnets in the market. Osenc support the customized magnets and accepts Wholesale, Retail and the Bulk Magnets for sale. Due to its status as being the rare earth group and most popular, t can be made in made interesting shapes such as Stick, Coil, Strip, Sheet, Bar, Ball and in other strange shapes.

Magnets have become important and an essential ingredient in present world, especially in manufacturing process of the modern world equipment. The magnets come in the different sizes, strength levels and shapes and this can be a bit confusing, when taking a decision about strength of the magnet required for your project. In the present world, out of the several magnets, neodymium has attained much attention because of its interesting and the unique properties.

Custom Magnets and Your Specification

Are you in need of the custom neodymium magnets? Don’t worry then. Osenc is here. Osenc possess the ability in offering its customers the custom neodymium magnets. Osenc do its best in providing you with your desired shape of the magnet by saving your cost and time. All you have to do is to give them the sketch and Osenc will follow it.


Neodymium material is quite brittle and is prone to cracking and chipping, so by the conventional methods, neodymium does not machine well. Machining the magnets, if not controlled, can generate heat which can demagnetize the magnet. So they should not be machined.

Osenc has an experienced and an active team that carries out all the tasks efficiently. All are trained well in making of the neodymium magnets. Osenc is the experienced manufacturer of the neodymium magnets and offers the high quality products.

Neodymium magnets are prone to the differences in temperature and under high temperature, they can even lose their temperature. Osenc provides you with some specialized neodymium magnets that can perform under the extremely high environmental temperatures. The Osenc make the neodymium magnets that has impressed the industries.