What is magnetic separation?

Magnetic separation is a process of separating the components of mixtures by the usage of the magnets for attracting magnetic materials. A process which is used for the magnetic separation, detaches the non-magnetic material from those that are magnetic. Such technique is not useful for all, but only for the few minerals like the paramagnetic and ferromagnetic. Not all the metals are magnetic, silver, gold and aluminum are some of the examples.

magnetic roller


Large diversity of the mechanical are being used for the separation of magnetic materials. During the magnetic separation, magnets are present inside the two separator drums that bear drums and due to magnets, the magnetic particles are drifted by movement of drums. This can create magnetic concentrate for example, an ore concentrate.

The magnetic roller separators are most trusted equipment of magnetic separation followed by the industries for separating the ferrous from non-ferrous substances. Magnetic Roller Separator uses the powerful rare earth magnets which perfectly segregate feeds, and this is done by properties and the special series of the magnet used.

Common applications of magnetic separation rollers

  • Magnetic roller separators are also used in the electromagnetic cranes which separate material from the scraps and from the unwanted and nonrequired substances. This shows that is being used for waste management and shipment equipements. The unwanted metals are removed from the goods with this technique and keeps all the materials pure.
  • Some Recycling Centers use the magnetic separation rollers usually to segregate components from the recycling and isolate metals and the purify ores.
  • Magnetic roller separators are also being used in the mining iron as the iron pieces gets attracted to a magnet.
  • Another important application of these are in process industries for removing the metal contaminants from the product streams. These are employed in pharmaceutical industries and food.
  • Magnetic roller separators are being widely used in microbiology. Antibodies and binding molecules are used for isolating the specific viable nucleic acids, antigens or organisms.

Chinese Companies and the Magnetic Roller Separators

Most of magnetic Roller Separators are manufactured in China. For efficient and best quality magnetic roller separators, always consider the Chinese companies. Chinese magnetic roller separators have fixed magnets having high field intensity and gradient. Magnets used in magnetic roller separators are made of alloys of rare-earth elements and these are relatively more powerful than the other magnets. These powerful rare earth magnets generate high attraction forces at the magnetic roller because of their properties and the special magnetic series. Obtained high magnetic forces of attraction have low magnetic sensitivity and so, therefore, separation of the very fine and low magnetic minerals are made possible with a high recovery. The magnets that are used in these rollers are manufactured by the Chinese industries themselves and they are relatively more powerful. Never try to assemble the magnetic roller separator at home, as this is very dangerous. You can get magnetic roller separators from Chinese companies according to your requirements.