Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnets that are commercially available. China has the best manufacturer of the neodymium magnets providing the customers with the exact shapes they want. They produce the neodymium magnets with the finished glossy look. And the point is the quality is excellent, and the price is very nice.

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About earth rare magnet, that is an alloy of the three elements, NdFeB (Boron, Iron, Neodymium) when joined together, they create the strongest Neodymium Magnets. It is widely called as “Rare Earth Magnets”, “Neo Magnets”, “Neodymium Magnets” or the “Earth Magnets” by the people. Neodymium magnets are the popular magnets and also called as the rare earth group and these can be made in several shapes Coil, Sheet, Bar, Ball, Block, Strip and in other attractive customized shapes.

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Benefits of the Chinese Neodymium Magnets

So far, the greatest force of magnetic products is the rare earth magnets. Their basic element is the neodymium, in addition, the iron and the boron are present in the alloy. Many people ask the same question that “why”. The basic fact is that China is actually the main supplier of the rare-earth elements specifically the Neodymium in the world market. Many neodymium manufacturers are present in China. Due to the result, many of the products are produced in China from these metals.

Features and applications

The Chinese neodymium possesses a lot of advantages and are listed below:

  • Maximum residual magnetism
  • Maximum magnetic energy
  • Maximum coercive force
  • Preservation of the working properties (only 1% of the energy is lost for 10 years)
  • Have the ability to produce products of any of the shapes (rings, segments, discs and bars)
  • Have the high corrosion resistance.


  • They are used in metal detectors.
  • They are used in generators and turbines.
  • Used in the medical equipment.
  • Used in the lifting, stepping, electric motors and compression.
  • They are used in clamps and clamps ( household tool holders and the heavy equipment’s magnetic clamps).

Coatings of the Neodymium Magnets

  • Zn Coating
  • NiCuNi nickel coating (the shiny metallic)
  • Grey/Black epoxy coating.

Neodymium magnets have replaced the ferrite and the alnico magnets in many of myriad applications in the modern technology, where the strong permanent magnets are required, due to their greater strength it allows the use of lighter, smaller magnets for the given application. Few examples are: the head actuators for the computer hard disks, mechanical e-cigarette firing switches, erase heads for the cheap cassette recorders, locks for the doors, magnetic bearings and the couplings, headphones and the loudspeakers, mobile phone speakers and auto focus actuators.

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