What is a good magnet supplier?

We guess it should be ” Help you get what you want”.

But, how?  We guess it should be 3 points.

  1. help you make sure the magnet you want is what you really need.
  2. Produce it, and make sure it meets your requirements.
  3. Make sure you get them in time.

If make 3 points in 1 sentence, that is it should offer magnet and customer service.

Factory for strong neodymium magnets

Welcome to our website. Someone asked us, what do you offer?

A few years ago, our answer is  Osenc is a neodymium magnets supplier. we offer the strongest magnets to our customers over the world. But today, we sell neodymium magnets and customer service.

What is customer service?

For example

A few years ago, one customer paid us 100 USD for the sample. And then, we ship it by express. But unluckily, the parcel was rejected by local customs. If the sample return to us takes 15 days. and then, ship to the customer again takes 5 days.  So it means that the customer needs to wait 20 days to get the parcel.

Lots of manufacturers will let customs wait 20 days. But we are different.

Place sample order again and push worker and our partner to produce sample ASAP and ship by the fastest express. At last, we spent almost 200 USD for this sample and the customer just waited 10 days to get the sample.

In our mind, that is customer service.  No need to explain more.

We are a highly qualified factory in the production of magnets, magnet solutions, magnet technology and magnet systems, a highly qualified technology company with the highest quality standards and customer service. Yes, for us , customer service as important as product. We are the Specialist in the production of strong magnets made of neodymium (NdFeB), and good at the custom magnet.

We offer solutions for companies over the world!

We have a large selection of neodymium magnets in all shapes, such as discs, cubes, cuboids, rings, cylinders, wedges, and other irregular shapes, and we also manufacture magnets for specific applications. We specialize in magnets, technologies and solutions.

Buy Magnets from Osenc- Manufacturers of Neodymium Magnets 

Osenc is the specialist for super strong magnets, Power magnets, super magnets from neodymium with good customer service. Maybe our magnets are not always in stock, available in large quantities and ready to ship! But we can produce them ASAP. Because our leading time is short. You can buy the desired super magnets cheap and are available in large quantities immediately! Our customers appreciate our experience in the production of magnets, office magnets and school magnets directly from our production and guaranteed at best prices.

  • Magnetic hooks/hook magnets
  • Magnetic cube / cube magnets
  • Eyelet magnets/magnet with eyelet
  • Block magnets/magnet cuboid
  • Ring magnets / magnetic rings
  • Disc magnets / round magnets
  • Self-adhesive magnets
  • Fishing Magnets / Bergemagnet
  • cone magnets
  • Ball magnets / magnetic balls
  • Magnets with bore and countersink

custom magnet supplier in China

Our wide range includes blanks and die cuts made of magnetic foils, production of printed and plain labels, printing on magnets and magnetic foil, cutting of magnetic strips, magnetic strips and magnetic boards. Our assortment includes a large selection of magnets in large numbers with various dimensions and shapes at reasonable prices and flexible payment options. Our B2B customers have the possibility to order as usual. Below you will find a small part of our product range.

  • Strong magnets, neodymium magnets , super magnets
  • Magnets for magnetic board
  • Fridge magnets, office magnets, organization magnets
  • School magnets, horseshoe magnet
  • Pot magnet with eyelet
  • Magnetic foil, magnetic tape, magnetic strips, magnetic tape, magnetic signs, magnetic labels
  • Magnetic strip, tool holder, knife holder, knife block magnetic

Neodymium magnets: the strongest in the world – Super magnets with high adhesion – Magnets from the manufacturer – Strong prices

Super magnets: buy from Osenc the strongest neodymium magnets as disc, cuboid, ring, cube, ball in different sizes, as self-adhesive sets. With us you will find strong magnets, permanent magnets, which have up to 50% more energy than conventional magnets, so-called super magnets. Our range includes a large selection of magnets of various sizes and shapes at reasonable prices. If you can not find your desired variety or size, we will be happy to make you an individual offer. Due to our large stock and daily production, we can supply you quickly and flexibly.
We have over 860 different permanent magnets on offer. From small mini magnets – 1mm to strong super magnets of about 20cm, yes, it is 20cm, not 20mm. Most of the magnets are stocked and can be delivered on-demand at short time. Furthermore, we present you permanent magnets made of different materials. But be noticed: These big, ultra-strong neodymium magnets are dangerous. Yes, very dangerous. You should be very careful.

Neodymium Magnets – Real Super Magnets in the Magnet Shop: buy online and cheap from Osenc!

As a manufacturer and specialist for magnets, we can especially recommend neodymium magnets. In the field of permanent magnets, they are the strongest magnets in the world. Thanks to the high adhesive power, they are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Our extensive assortment includes, among others, block magnets, dice magnets, ring magnets, bar magnets and magnetic balls. In addition to the individual magnets in raw form, we also offer you practical and innovative magnet systems. The selection consists among other things of magnetic hook, eyelet magnets and carabiner magnets.

Magnets available in many shapes and sizes from Osenc

Buy cheap magnet magnets, neodymium magnets and permanent magnets in our company, super magnets made of neodymium at a great price with fast and reliable delivery. Osenc is your partner for all questions about magnets. Welcome to our world of magnets! So if next time someone asks “where to buy rare earth magnets “, Osenc will be the best choice.

Advantages of our B2B Magnet website: B2B – Manufacturer Osenc

Our magnet team offers you an excellent service and comprehensive advice on specific issues, maximum load, colors and all other physical and chemical properties. Immediate processing of your inquiries and fast and secure deliveries is a matter of course for our customers. Use our fast shipping service, well packaged and within a few days, our magnets will reach your destination.
We are a certified shop and carry the seal of Trusted Shops. We have successfully completed more than 100,000 orders, providing 24×7 customer service to our ever-expanding customer base. For more information visit us online: Osenc.com. All items may be are not in stock in large quantities with daily shipping. But our production is high efficiency. You will get your order in a short time. Thousands of satisfied customers! Buy from a company with the highest quality standards and customer service with flexible and diverse payment options and conditions.