SmCo magnet

SmCo magnets, one type of super magnets, the main raw material is the rare earth, samarium, and cobalt. It has The stability of working temperatures, resistance to corrosion, and demagnetization. All these features make them well-suited for many applications.

SmCo magnet ranges

SmCo has two ranges, they have different magnetic power. Sm1Co5 (Sm: Co is 1:5), this is the first generation rare earth permanent magnet. Their power is weaker. Sm2Co17, the power is stronger, and then make it commonly used in a lot of industries.

Magnets with Excellent Mechanical Properties
Compared with samarium cobalt magnets produced by the traditional preparation process,the mechanical properties of the new process are obviously better.The machining speed can be increased by 20%,and the defective assembly rate of customers is reduced by 50%.

HV Bending Strength Mpa Compressive Strength MPa
Traditional Technology 660 135 900
Innovation Technology 500 170 1300
Properties and Dimensions of General Samarium Cobalt Products
Term Advantage
Flux The difference of Flux is less than 3%。
Magnetic Declination The magnetic declination of small products(8x8x8mm)is less than 3°, the magnetic declination of other products is less than 2°
Dimnesion Maximum Size:160mmx 110mmx80mm(Magnetization Direction)  Minimum Size:0.5mmx0.5mmx0.2mm(Magnetization Direction)
Tolerance 0.005mm Tolerance

High-Performance SmCo Magnet

Features: High-performance SmCo has high magnetic energy products,high remanence,high coercive force, which generally can be used in all kinds of high-speed motors, traction motors, micro magnet and magnetic shaft coupling etc. The use of samarium cobalt material with high performance can significantly reduce the size and weight of the device.
Although the remanence and magnetic energy product of high-performance samarium cobalt (XGS33H and XGS35H) are lower than that of NdFeB (N42EH and N38AH) at a lower temperature,its remanence and magnetic energy product is significantly higher than that of NdFeB(N42EH and N38AH) at a higher temperature. With the increase of temperature,the remanence, coercivity and magnetic energy of NdFeB(N42EH and N38AH) deteriorate rapidly. However, high-performance SmCo still retained high magnetic performance and show excellent thermal stability.

SmCo temperature

Low-Temperature coefficient

Features: Within a certain temperature range, the Br of SmCo does not change with temperature. Low-temperature coefficient magnets can generally be used in various precision instruments, gyroscopes, and automatic driving etc. Our company can prepare zero temperature coefficient and positive temperature coefficient magnets.

SmCo Low-Temperature coefficient

High-Temperature Resistant

Features: Magnets can be used at more than 550℃.The coercivity of the high-temperature resistant magnet prepared at 550 °C is still 6.51kOe, and the magnetic loss at high temperature is less than 5%.

SmCo High-Temperature Resistant

Coating Types of SmCo magnet

Samarium-cobalt magnets have good corrosion resistance, they can be used at room temperature or high temperature without coating. If the designed products are used in worse environments, we can provide many kinds of coating.

Surface Method Thickness Colour Plating Feature
Ni Plating 5-10μm Bright White Good resistance to corrosion
Ni-Cu-Ni Plating 10-30μm Bright White Excellent resistance to corrosion.
Epoxy Plating or Spray 10-30μm Black Good resistance to corrosion and salt spray,soft coating