What’s the best magnet for magnet fishing?

Have you heard about the magnet fishing? Do you want to try that? If you want to try it then which is the best magnet that must be used for magnet fishing? Now answers to all these questions are available in the text below.

Magnet fishing is also termed as the magnetic fishing. It is actually a searching in the outdoors waters for the ferromagnetic objects available for pulling with strong neodymium magnet. This activity has been adopted by many of the celebrities and one of them is the James Haskell, English Rugby player. This hobby is the combination of treasure hunting and the environmentalism. The magnets used in this hobby are strong enough for removing the large debris like the guns, bombs, safes, discarded bicycles, car tire rims and the coins from bodies of the water, however, many individuals who get engaged in this hobby hope to get or find the valuable and rare items also.

Best magnet for magnet fishing

  • The best and the perfect magnet for magnet fishing is the neodymium magnet.
  • Neodymium magnets are the rare earth magnets. They are considered to be the strongest magnets available on Earth.
  • This is the excellent permanent fishing magnet.
  • Neodymium magnets are strong enough to capture the items that are badly coated with moss or mud and have become very heavy.
  • These are the fun magnets.
  • Some neodymium magnets are made of chrome plated steel cup from inside that concentrates on the magnetic force and this produces and unrivalled holding power.
  • A neodymium magnet that possesses a strong eyebolt to which a rope can be attached to is the perfect magnet for magnet fishing.
  • Many experts of the magnet fishing suggest that a neodymium magnet with the eyebolt is the best option when going on magnet fishing.
  • Different sizes and strengths of the neodymium magnets depend on your fishing requirements. However, the stronger the power of the neodymium magnet, the greater will be the pulling force of the magnet will be.

Short history of magnet fishing

It is said and believed that the magnet fishing was started initially by the boaters to recover the fallen keys by using magnets from water. But today, the magnet retrieval tools are being designed specially to recover items that are missing or lost at bottom of the water bodies.

Types of magnets for magnet fishing

There are two types of the magnets that are used in magnet fishing:

  • Single-sided
  • Double-sided

Magneteers and the magnet fishers

People who perform this activity are referred to as the “magnet fishers” or the “magneteers”.

Best places for Magnet Fishing

Almost all of the water bodies are best for magnet fishing like swamps, ponds, sewers, lakes, dams, creeks and canals. Metals can be easily found in those places where people visit frequently, walk along and also accessible by foot. At the countryside and in the remote parts, try to fish in the less visited areas that may yield unique and interesting metal finds that are laying undisturbed for long times.

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