This equipment is designed to extract ferromagnetic compounds from bulk dry material during its movement along the conveyor line or vibratory chute.

Suspended magnetic plates are ideal for use in those places where there is no need for the total elimination of foreign impurities or where it is impossible to mount a drum separator.

Suspended magnetic plates

The device should be installed in the place of transshipment of raw materials from one conveyor to the second, where it is in suspension. For a better implementation of the separation process, magnetic plates must be placed directly above the vibratory chute (conveyor belt) at a height of 10-30 cm.

During transportation, the raw material passes through the attraction zone of the ferromagnetic compounds, where metal impurities are retained.

Another advantage of these suspended magnetic separators is that they can be mounted on existing conveyor belts. The equipment is very easy to install, quickly set up and does not need repair for a long time.

magnet plate

The material transported by the conveyor enters the magnetic field of the separator, under the influence of which the magnetic inclusions in the material flow are attracted and held on the surface of the gate – a plate made of non-magnetic steel equipped with ribs located under the magnetic system. The magnetic separator is
cleaned by simply extending the gate, in which the retained inclusions are removed outside the magnetic field (outside the conveyor), where they are reset.

overall dimensions, mm – 840 * 1330 * 380;
magnetic induction, T – up to 1.28;
operating temperature, C – up to 140;
weight, kg – 970.

Scope of application
mining and processing
grain processing

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