Pulley Magnetic Separators

Magnetic separators or iron separators are designed to extract ferromagnetic impurities (iron) from the flow of raw materials or finished products, they are designed to separate multicomponent materials into components according to their magnetic properties. Magnetic separators are used in enterprises of the mining and manufacturing industries for the purification of non-magnetic materials from magnetic impurities or for the beneficiation of magnetic ores.

In the processing industry, magnetic separators are used to extract iron from raw materials, thereby preventing damage to expensive equipment.

Pulley Separators

Depending on the industry and the features of the technological process used, the type of magnetic separator and the magnetic material of the installed magnets are selected that optimally correspond to the task.

Principle of operation:

The magnet is located around the entire circumference of the drum. The operation of a pulley magnetic separator is based on the principle of extracting ferromagnetic impurities from bulk materials using a magnetic field created by permanent magnets based on rare-earth metals.

roll Magnetic Separators

The material to be separated is fed to the drum using a conveyor belt. At the moment of contact of the material with the drum through the conveyor belt, its separation begins. Under the influence of a powerful magnetic field, ferromagnetic particles are attracted to the surface of the drum and held until the conveyor belt leaves the surface of the drum, as a result of which the magnetic field disappears and the ferromagnetic particles fall into a special container.

The cleaned material along the tangent of the drum is fed into further production.

Pulley Magnetic Separators

Product Features:

overall dimensions of mm – up to 1320 * 2820 * 610;
magnetic induction, T – up to 1.28;
operating temperature, C – up to 180;
power consumption, kW – up to 5.5;
weight, kg – 1800.

mining and processing
grain processing