Neoymium magnet is expensive goods, they have many properties,like grade, remanence, coercive force bHc, intrinsic  coercivite force iHC, Energy product (BH) max, working temperature. These are main properties.  They help customers know the magnet is good or not, meet customer’s requirmenet or not.

As magnet will used to different product , and different enviroment, so customer have different requirment. And then they has different requirment to make sure that your neodymium magnet meet the their target.

Osenc has good relationship with lots of companies, scientific institution and universities. So we have experience how to meet thier requirment. Here are the requirments from them(too many requirment, so we will takes 2-3 articles to discuss them) :

  1. Tolerance

In regular , the tolerance is +-0.05mm. But some time that will be change. Small size (the length smaller than 20mm)the tolerance is +-0.05mm, But when the size to bigger ,like 20-50mm, it will be +-0.1mm. if that is 50-80mm the regular tolerance is +-0.15mm. And different processing , different tolerance standard.

That is regular tolerance,and some factories can make it samller. Like that if the length is 5mm, the regular tolerance is +-0.05mm.  And factories (included Osenc ) can make it +-0.01mm.  In China, not too many factories  can make it.

2.Thickness of coating

The regular thickness of coating is 0.08mm,  and some customer will ask for under 0.05mm. That will be a big problem. As coating processing is hard to make it under 0.05mm coating.  Because the thickness is too thin, coating is hard to protect the magnet.

  1. Radius
  2. Sault Spray Testing(SST)
  3. Form & Location Tolerance
  4. Drop Test
  5. Mechanical trength
  6. PCT/HAST(Pressure Cooker Test)
  7. No surfact defect
  8. High & Low temperature test
  9. Surface Magnetic Field Test
  10. Sweet Test
  11. High temperature & high humidity
  12. Reverse magnetic field test
  13. Hystersignraph test
  14. ELV (End of life Vehicle)
  15. QCP (Quality Control Program)
  16. CE -RoHS 2.0
  17. MSDS(Material Safely Data Sheet)
  18. Reach 201
  19. Databook