Micro Magnets

Micro magnets are the magnets very ting. Most of them made in Neodymium Iron Boron, SmCo, Alnico. If you have some cases that need some custom neodymium magnets (SmCo, Alnico, and Ferrite are acceptable), don’t hesitate to contact us.

micro magnets

1. What is a micro magnets?

Micro magnets (also name tiny magnets) are very important units in the industry.  Because the equipment is getting more precise and smart. Like sensors, motors, and medical equipment. so that needs the dimension is smaller and smaller. Especially in the Minimally invasive surgery (MIS), their requirement is much higher. For example, coronary arteries are only 3 to 4 mm in diameter, and the ask for magnet diameter is 1.35 or smaller than that.

Small magnets (Little magnets): 1-2mm
Micro magnets (Tiny magnets): 0.2-0.9mm

2. What micro magnet we can produce

we can produce the micro magnet with the below dimension, and with 3 coatings: Ni, Epoxy, Parylene. and the tolerance is +-0.01mm
Minimum block: 0.2*0.2mm
Minimum disc: 0.2*0.2mm
Minimum pipe: 0.38*0.14*2mm
the biggest thin magnet we made is 50*50*0.2mm  (This is a big challenge)

3. In medical equipment

In the medical device industry, minimally invasive surgery (MIS) has always had higher and more requirements for the micro magnet. They require smaller sizes than other industries. Because they have no choice. For example, human coronary arteries are only 3 to 4 millimeters in diameter, which requires a magnet diameter of 1.35 or less, otherwise, catheters containing magnets risk injuring the blood vessels.

micro pipe magnet

4. Where to buy such mini magnets

If you just want to buy a small number of mini super magnets. And accept the size of  magnets makes a big difference. We recommend that you can buy it from an online magnet store (another company’s store). But if you want to custom mini rare earth magnets, Osenc will be one of your best options.

Please tell us your required dimensions, tolerances, and plating. If you don’t know what tolerances and plating your project will require. please tell us what these magnets will be used on and what power will be required. Our professional technical team will provide you with professional advice.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to buy mini neodymium magnets now.

micro pine magnet

5. Why it is very expensive

1. hard to process micro magnets

Micro magnet is hard to process because that is too small. Cutting and coating is the big problem. Each time produces different magnets, it takes a long time to adjust the machine. And need different fixtures. In some cases, it took us 7 hours to produce the first qualified tiny rare earth magnets.

2. high wastage

There is often very high wastage during the production process.
Sometimes, it is often necessary to produce 800-2000 pieces in order to produce 50 qualified precision magnet. And the raw material is N52 neodymium magnet material, N54, or N55, which are very expensive raw materials.

And these wastes often occur when the machine is debugged. Because the product is too small and brittle. If the processing force is slightly higher, the magnet will be broken. This requires manual processing of the magnets.

3. Special instruments

Normal production can not use for the micro magnet. Because that will make big tolerance. so we own some special instruments. and we also have a Quadratic element measure to check the dimensions and make sure the product reaches the customer’s requirement.

4. Excellent skilled workers

Some micro magnets are actually processed manually. Because with current advanced instruments, some precision custom magnets still cannot be produced.

With our continuous improvement efforts, Osenc has increased the capacity to deliver micron-sized magnets, and now we can process 0.2mm magnets.

Osenc always provides long-term-stability products, which have high quality. We have achieved great development in this field.
Our products, especially our deep-hole thin magnetic ring are widely used in watches, clocks, micro-motor, meters, optical communication, and other fields. Also, we can make a new design according to the customer’s drawing and request. Lots of customers are satisfied with our best techniques in magnetic tubes, magnetic cylinders, columnar magnets, magnetic pipe, hole magnets, magnetic ducts, pipe magnets, tube magnets, Cylinder magnets, deep hole magnets, etc.


Custom micro magnet is very difficult for lots of factories. This processing ability makes us very proud of ourselves.

In this business, producing big magnets is easier, but produce micro magnets is very very difficult.

Even in China, just a few factories can produce such little magnets with a special shape, like drill a hole in a tiny magnet or the shape is special (likes below picture ).

7. What kind of materials are used

As mentioned earlier, the material of the tiny strong magnets are N52, N54 or N55.
There are two reasons for this. One is that the size of the magnet is very small, and if low-performance materials are used, there will be almost no suction.
Second, low-performance materials are difficult to process and are easily damaged during processing.

8. What kind of coating is used for small neodymium magnets?

This question is hard to answer. In lots of case, Ni, Gold, and perylene is the best choice. But not every plating factory can process it well.  It also takes time to process plating.

Note:As we know, without the coating, the magnet will corrode. But if your project is normal, and only in the research and development stage, you can consider not coating.