Magnet & Water Meter

In the last post, we talked about “magnet fishing“, and explain why that is a treasure hunter game, and how to help people to find the lost money. (In fact, we like to say create wealth.) So in this post, we talk about something to save money.

All of us know lots of ways to save money. Someone told us they will use the neodymium magnets to stop the Electric meter or water meter, even that is illegal. So here is the question, does this method really working?

let s check it

1. Does it illegals if we sell such magnets?

The sale and advertising of neodymium magnets will not take any criminally punish. It’s not drugs, so the Internet is full of websites where they are advertised, and sold. Some time there someone explains you which magnet is suitable for which water meter or electric meter. Sometimes such sites will be closed. But by the data of the Internet, the most actively selling, buying and using the neodymium magnets is the regions of Russia and Ukraine. many information about how to use the neodymium magnets from these regions.

big magnet from China

2. Neodymium magnet – is it not the same as usual?

Everyone knows the usual magnet – ferrite, that is, it is made of iron. But is not iron, just like a stone. There are also some magnets what the main material is cobalt or nickel. Neodymium magnets are approximately one-third of the rare-earth metal of neodymium, slightly less than two-thirds are iron, and about 2% are boron. In small quantities, other elements can be added. Powders of these metals are baked in forms, but the resulting mass is quite fragile and, moreover, is susceptible to corrosion, therefore, nickel, zinc or copper-nickel coatings, sometimes with the addition of gold, are used to protect it. In order for such a product to become a powerful magnet, it is subjected to a special electromagnetic influence at the final stage of manufacturing.

3. Where do they get it?

The main supplier country of neodymium magnets in the world is China. There are the largest deposits of rare-earth metals, and neodymium is rare-earth metal. There are also factories for the production of neodymium magnets, so most of them are wrestlers with counters in popular Chinese online stores. we must say, the scale of trade is impressive.
The booming trade in neodymium magnets is also in some countries’ online stores. The prices there are higher, but the buyer is advised on which counter to put a magnet.

magnet stop water meter

4. Are neodymium magnets the most-most powerful? And expensive?

Of all the magnets that are currently produced, neodymium – really the most powerful. There are many classes of neodymium magnets, depending on the temperature resistance. And the main disadvantage of a neodymium magnet is that at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius, it begins to lose its magnetic function. The most powerful neodymium magnet is a magnet of class N52 with a temperature of the application up to 80 degrees. At temperatures above 100 degrees, neodymium magnets begin to lose his strength, and the higher the temperature, the greater. In neodymium magnets, the magnetic properties persist at a maximum of 199 degrees, and in samarium-cobalt magnets, up to 299 degrees.
The price of a magnet is determined by the price of neodymium, it is approximately $ 81-99 per kilogram. The disk neodymium magnet of 52×32 mm size costs on the same Chinese site about 1100 rubles. By the way, samarium-cobalt magnets are about three times more expensive.

5. And what factor stop what counters?

With the help of neodymium magnets, it is possible to stop water meters, electric and even gas meters. Counters differ in the principle of operation, design and degree of protection against extraneous interference. Thus, water meters according to the principle of operation are divided into tachometric, which can be wet and dry, and ultrasonic. Of these, only dry ones can be stopped by a magnet. And for someone who decided to fight communal accounts in such an illegal way, we have bad news: the counters of this group – more than 90% of all water meters installed in the apartments. And there will not be a fast transition to another type.
Electric meters are induction and electronic. At the same time, electronic devices are made with both a mechanical counting mechanism and a liquid crystal display. In turn, counters with a liquid crystal display can be with or without a transformer coil. And only this last kind of neodymium magnets is beyond control. The rest can be stopped, only the power of the magnets and the location of their installation will be different. As digital electronic counters are becoming more popular, the applicability of neodymium magnets to steal electricity is decreasing, but the pace, says frankly, is not high.
As for gas meters, most neodymium magnets do not work for most of today’s models. But there are those that can still be stopped. To do this, use the most powerful neodymium magnets with a clutch force of more than 200 kg.j