As the magnet is very important units the lots of product. So lots of different customers buy it. Some customer buys lots of them, some customer just buys 100pcs or 1000pcs. So as a magnet factory, we always service many customers who just buy the magnet for their first time.
“what is the difference between the coating zine magnet and coating Nickel magnet.”“pls send me 1000pcs magnet” ”I want 500pcs the black magnet” ”how much the 5*5mm metal magnet ”Most customer know nothing about the magnet. So we need to ask them lots of question in order to make sure what magnet they want or what magnet is best for them, like “what magnet, what grade, what size and what is the working temperature?”
So in this post, we would like to introduce you, what is the difference between the coating zine magnet and coating Nickel magnet. So as a normal customer, and do not has the high requirement, you will know what is the difference of them.
1. Appearance
Nickel Coating magnets have good looking, and more metal feeling. In another word, that is sharp. But Zine Coating just very normal,it look likes have frosted surface. If the consumer can see the magnet, we suggest customer choose Nickel coating.
2. Price
Nickel Coating is expensive than the Zine coating. But it doesn’t matter. If you do not buy too many, you can ignore the difference. But in normal, the price will be different within 0.01 USD.
3. Function
In fact, if the magnet does not use in the high tech product. The function is the same, no different.
4. Weight
The Nickel coating will be little heavy than the Zine coating. So if you very care about the weight, you should be paying attention to that.
In the transaction, the coating is not very important. Because no matter which coating it is, the magnet still have perfect working.