As a magnet manufacturer, we know that magnet is a very big market. it was used in lots of different product. But as an individual, people will confuse that it looks very far away from us. Because we don’t use any magnet in our life.

But it is wrong. In fact, the magnet is everywhere in our life. So, let us introduce you some magnet in our life. And you haven’t known that before. If you told us, these magnets really do not in your lift, we will surprise. Because you are in the primitive life.

  1. Computer—hard disk driver.

Today, in the modem world, we use the computer every day. No matter buys something online, check some information, or chat with a friend, or send email, the computer is a good friend to us. But maybe you are confused about that, where is the magnet. In fact, lots of magnet in the computer. And the most important one is the HDD, the hard disk driver. There one rare earth magnet in the HDD, and very important. AND That’s why we say, if we take strong neodymium magnets near the HDD, will destroy it easily. But it will be fine if you take a magnet near the SSD. Because SSD does not have a magnet inside.

  1. Mobile Phone

Mobile phone just like our ID card, no matter where we go, she will stand with us. And we can say that it is one part of our body. And where is the magnet? The answer is the speaker. The magnet helps to transform the electrical signal into acoustic signals. And that is very tiny, most of the time it is 1mm neodymium magnet. That is what we call sound. Hard to imagine that mobile phone without a magnet, without them means without sound. How can we use a phone which was sound?

  1. Car

About the car, we would not talk about the speaker. Because we have mentioned it. But even we do not talk about the speaker magnet, there still lots of magnets there. Likes wiper motor, starter motor, electric seat motor, compressor electromagnetic coupler, air conditioner fan motor, automatic sunshade motor, steering angle sensor (magnetic sense) headlight steering mechanism (motor), auxiliary driving position automatic storage The box (motor) also has various sensors, such as: speed sensor, wheel speed sensor. There is also a magnet on the oil drain plug of the engine and the transmission oil sump to adsorb iron scrap. The magnet will be very different. From NdFeB magnet, sintered ferrite magnet, AlNiCo magnet, samarium cobalt magnets. With bout them, the car just is metal.

  1. Refrigerator

Maybe lots of people were found where the magnet is in the refrigerator. Yes, it is hidden in the door. In order to make sure the cold air stays in the refrigerator, Engineer put the magnet inside the door, so when we close the door, the magnet will attract the refrigerator tightly. But when we want to open it still very easy.

  1. Air Conditioning

Air-conditioning compressors (inverter) will use magnets, fans, swing fans, cooling fan motors will use the magnet, the use of permanent magnet motor will have a better energy-saving effect. Filter covers for air conditioners are generally also magnetized for easy removal.

  1. Microwave Magnets

Microwaves use magnetrons consisting of magnets to generate electromagnetic waves. And the electromagnetic waves used to heat the food. So that

There is lots of product have a magnet, but it is hard to name it. handbags and jewelry, cloth. If you find any the magnets used in your home? Let us know if you find any places that we didn’t include in our list.