The magnet can be dead? How ridiculous it is! It just a good, not animal, not human being. In fact, the magnet can be dead. But what we mean is that it lost the power, in another word, is lose its magnetism. Demagnetization and degaussing is how they die.

The first reason: Heat

Yes, the temperature is a very important factor. Most of the magnet die in their hand. If you heat the magnet and reach a certain temperature, the magnet loses its magnetism. Different magnets have different temperatures. For example, the temperature of N series NdFeB is 80 degrees. As soon as this temperature is reached, the magnet begins to lose its magnetism. And this temperature, we call it the Curie temperature. Losing magnetism does not disappear in a flash. It is slowly. The higher the temperature, the faster the time of death. At the same time, the volume is also a factor. At the same high temperature, if the volume of the magnet is larger, the time of death will be longer. On the contrary, if the volume is small, then it will die in just a second. Therefore, in the process of using the magnet, it is necessary to pay attention to the working environment temperature.

The second reason: Magnetic field

Coercive Force, A very strange noun, many guests do not understand what this means. It is also difficult to explain in technical terms. In the simplest terms, magnets with high coercivity such as Sm-Co and Nd-Fe-B, and magnets with low coercivity such as Alnico ferrite magnets cannot be placed. together. In particular, the difference in coercivity is particularly large, because magnets such as Sm-Co and NdFeB kill magnets with small coercivity.

The third reason: Crush

Old magnet, like Alnico,will be easy lost its lift. Just because of the shock or hit with a hammer. But the modern magnet do not happen this problem.

No matter you buy magnet or sell magnet, we also need to know how to stock the magnet. Because if the magnet lose its power , its useless. It is not easy to resend it to the factory and magnetizing again.