Fishing Magnets

What is neodymium magnet?

A fishing magnet is a strong magnet used to grab ferrous metal objects that are hidden or lost underwater.

Treasure hunting has been a popular activity for many years. Today,many people of all ages are turning treasure hunting into a hobby. As one of the treasure-hunting games, magnet fishing is not what most people might think it is. In recent years, the popularity of fishing magnets has increased in the United Kingdom and United States. Magnet fishing is a fantastic hobby for those who love the outdoors and treasure hunting but also an effective way to clean up rivers, lakes, and streams.  Fishing magnets are essentially larger versions of neodymium pot magnets.

Lots of sellers have claimed that the pull force of their fishing magnets over 1000 kilograms. The first thing to note about these super fishing magnets is that they are not designed to retrieve valuable objects from water. Each magnet will have a nominal pull force under ideal conditions and you may find that even when an object is attached, it cannot be retrieved. If you find it difficult to accurately separate the magnet from the magnetic rack, then you may have trouble with the separation process. Due to the fact that there is no difference between a pull force of 200 kg and 1000 kg for manual operation, consumers will definitely select cheaper options under the same nominal pull force, especially if they cannot verify their actual pull force. Therefore, fishing magnets with fake nominal pull forces flood the current market.

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Manufacture of Fishing Magnets

Fishing magnets are produced based on pot magnets, which are attached to the top of a single magnetic side pot magnet or the lateral sides of a double-sided pot magnet, then glued inside a steel cup, interleaved with an epoxy layer.

There are a number of types of fishing magnets. For example, one-sided magnetic finishing magnets have a single magnet on one side, while double-sided neodymium magnets for magnet fishing have two single magnets on each side to achieve a double magnetic force.

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Package of Fishing Magnets

We offer various packages to meet your needs, or we can create a package tailored to your specification.

Simple Retail Package

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Package with accessories.

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