Lots of customers have no idea what magnet they want to buy. Maybe just their engineer told them the size and the quantity. And then they do their best to find the supplier or manufacturer. But it takes time if you have no experience with the magnet purchasing or buy the one which not you want. So in this post, we would like to show you how to be an experienced magnet purchaser.

At first, would like to remind you that, the magnet we talk about is NdFeB magnet.

  1. 3*5 and 5*3, not the same one

Make sure the measure. Maybe some people think that, are you kidding me? How can I buy a magnet without a size? But lots of time people will make mistake in the measure. And most of the time is the disk (cylinder) magnet. In normal, we talk about the 3*5 magnet, it means that the diameter is 3mm and the height is 5. So when we are purchasing the magnet we should be more careful about that. In order to make sure the measure, we will have double check with the customer. When they tell us the size 3*5mm, we ask them back “ are you mean the diameter is 3mm, and the height is 5mm?”

  1. CM and MM

It not easy to make mistake. But sometimes it happens. Engineer want 3*3cm, and then buyer told the supplier “pls send us 3*3 magnet sample”. And then mistake happen. Because in this business, the unit we use is mm. As you know Some seller will be careless, so they will send you what ask for. And will not ask you what you use for or what you really want.

  1. High-grade magnet not easy on stock

As we know, the magnet has different size, different shape, different grade. So, it is hard to stock them. Because the cost of the magnet is high, and if the grade, size, and shape do not match customer’s necessary, it will be valueless.  So if you want to buy N52, N50 or N48 magnet with big quantity and the seller said they have them on the stock. You should be careful. Because lots of sellers will use the low-grade magnet to instead the high grade.

Zinc Nickel magnet different

  1. Galvanized or Nickel Plating

Lots of people have a question with that, what is different with them? In one word, Nickel plating has better performance than Zinc plating, but zinc plating magnet has a nice price. So you can choose which one will suit for your requirement. ( Nickel is lighter in appearance because it is superior to zinc in terms of polishability. The treatment of the nickel surface also increases the temperature resistance, plus the conductive nature of nickel itself.)

  1. Sample is necessary

We suggest people buy some magnet in the local market. And test it, if the magnet see your requirement. And then send to your supplier. And they will test the sample to check what grade it is and what plating.  Sometime, you will found that the grade you think are not the real grade of the magnet.