Custom Magnetic Assemblies

What are custom magnetic assemblies?

Custom magnetic assembly refers to the goal of using permanent magnets with other materials to create a stronger magnetic field or make the magnet easier to use according to the needs of your project.

What material can be used in magnetic assemblies?

There are many materials available. Permanent magnets such as NdFeB magnets and other material components such as metal, stainless steel, plastic, rubber, tape, wood, etc.

magnetic assemblies

The advantage of the magnetic assembly.

There are two types of magnetic assemblies:Magnet + magnet,Magnet + non-magnetic material. They have different advantages:

Enhanced magnetic strength (Magnet + magnet)

Some projects require very strong magnetism, and it is difficult for a single magnet to have such a strong magnetism. In this case, magnets and magnetic assemblies of magnets are the best solutions. For example, in real life, it is difficult for us to produce a single magnet with 14000 Gauss (1.4 Tesla). But we can easily reach it with magnetic assemblies (magnet + magnet), like Halbach.

However, this also has the disadvantage that the magnetic field strength of such assemblies will weaken after a few years.

Protect the magnet well (Magnet + non-magnetic material)

As you know magnets are very fragile, which can prolong the working time of the magnet. Some products are often reused, but due to the excessive suction force, they will be subjected to a great mechanical shock during each use, which may cause damage to the magnet or damage to the coating. If the magnet is damaged, it will directly lead to a certain degree of weakening of the magnetic field or attractive force. If the coating is damaged, it will cause the magnet to rust, and the magnetic field will become smaller after a period of time. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the magnet with different materials according to the actual use requirements.

1.6T Halbach Array

Strength of Magnet Assemblies

Magnets, when combined with other magnets or steel, will generate higher magnetic force. Because they form a magnetic circuit. The most famous magnetic assembly is Halbach array, which can easily reach 1T or even higher. And we have produced 1.47T Halbach and 1.4T magnetic roller. Such a magnetic strength is difficult to achieve with a single magnet.

Experienced manufacturers can focus the magnetic field to the area that the guests need according to the needs of the guests. And the magnitude of the magnetic field is affected by the air gap and the coating.

How to find a manufacturer for custom magnetic assemblies?

Even lots of entrepreneurs have more patience and perseverance to find a perfect partner for their project. But they still get frustrated when hit a brick wall or dead head when they custom magnetic assemblies. Here we would like to share you some factors that should be consider, in order to help you find a good supplier:

*Design Support

Lots of entrepreneurs do not have manufacturing experts, that means suppliers should advise some professional suggestions on the manufacturability of your project. Or manufacturer have experienced designers who know magnet and magnetic circuit well and can create an individual design according to the customer’s guidelines.

*Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing capability is the ability of a company to produce a product. But this doesn’t just mean that machines. It includes the documentation and standard procedures needed to achieve production capacity.

See for yourself and visit the factory floor if possible.

*Quality Management Systems

Need make sure that the magnetic assembly manufacturer does not provide substandard and poor-quality materials. To ensure that this does not happen, look through the history of a before choosing them.

If the supplier is recognized for good quality products, then you can rest assured that they would offer reliable products.

Acrylic Push Pin Magnets


Can I DIY the magnetic assemblies?

No. We do not recommend people DIY the magnetic assemblies by themselves. There are too many risks in the production.

Risk to Assembly

Magnets can shatter or break when assembled if not handled properly. This reduces the magnetic force. The operator may be injured by flying debris. It is therefore important to know how to assemble components safely, which requires skilled workers.

Cost risk

Different magnets require different magnets. If you understand the performance of the magnet and purchase it directly, you will most likely give up using it because the effect is not good. Now the price of rare earth, the main raw material of magnets, continues to rise, resulting in the rising price of magnets. If the same item is purchased repeatedly, the cost of the item is very high. Even if you don’t care about the cost of magnets, the time cost is high. Because a magnet is generally produced in 20-40 days.In many cases, the production of magnetic assemblies (magnets + magnets) requires fixtures, and the design and production of fixtures require rich production experience. Otherwise, the produced jig will not only fail to help the production of the component but may also cause the magnets to stick together and cause damage.

What are the products of magnetic assemblies?

Fishing magnet

Halbach array

welding magnet

Arcylic push pin magnet

magnetic coupling

Rubber Coated Magnets

magnetic drum