Special shape magnet

How does the magnet die?

custom shape neodymium magnet

Searching for custom shaped neodymium magnets?

What is gauss in magnet business

What is gauss in magnet business

How to Combine two large neodymium magnets

If you have experience with two large neodymium magnet, you must be known that it is very dangerous to combine them. So we would like to show you how to safely put two large neodymium magnets together. And with a spacer in between the magnets. And the most important point, without any magnets splitting and […]

Combine 2 PCS Super Neodymium Magnet

Combine 2 PCS Super Neodymium Magnet

manget with TV

When the neodymium magnet meets the electronic product

Most of the people were told that”Don’t put the magnet close with the electronic product. Because the electronic product will be damaged.” Is that true? And is there anyone know what the damage is? In this post, we’ll test what happens when we put a very powerful 6-inch neodymium magnet close to the electronic product, […]

what is magnet grade

What Are Grades of Magnets?

When shopping for neodymium magnets you will meet a term called ‘grade’ which is typically shown as a capital N followed by a two digit number and maybe some extra letters. Look like, N45, N52, 38EH,40UH,30SH,33M, 33H. But what are grades of magnets? what does grade mean? OK, Let’s explain it to you. About the […]

pack neodymium magnet

How to pack the magnet?