Magnets make our lives easier by making the most strenuous tasks easier. It can be found in a variety of devices that range from toys to industrial equipment.

Neodymium magnet gas stealer

Gas Water Stealer Neodymium Magnet

During these days, we found a very interesting thing on the Internet. Someone use Neodymium magnet to stop the gas calculator running. So we can call the magnet is a stealer. There were people selling gas stealers on the street in Dongguan. If we place the small magnet on the gas calculator and then the […]

NdFeB magnets with small hole

What are a magnet and its functions?

A magnet is an object that possesses a magnetic field. For easy understanding, these are objects with north and South Pole. A magnet consists of electrons which have uneven orbits and have uneven spin. These magnetic atoms, in turn, align to fir straight lines to create the magnetic field. The direction of the alignment also […]

moto magnet

The significance of Magnets in Our Daily Lives