Magnets make our lives easier by making the most strenuous tasks easier. It can be found in a variety of devices that range from toys to industrial equipment.

Neo Rare Earth Magnet with Ts 16949 ISO 9001

Motor and Permanent Magnet


Speaker and speaker magnet

HDD magnet

 Uses of neodymium magnets

Magnets Make Your Refrigerator More Useful

magnet attach the key

What Can Magnet Use for In Daily Life?

Magnet Stop Water Meter

What Adhesives use for Magnet

There are lots of magnet in the market, but how to work with the different types of magnets? Like the neodymium magnet, ferrite magnet. In this post,we would like to share you that what is different if we use different glues and adhesives. Even we will mention some specific glues. But as a professional magnet […]

Use Cube Neodymium Magnets For Magnetic Levitation

This post is part of our series on how to handle cube neodymium magnets safely. In this post, we are showing you how to safely put cube magnets together with the poles in a checkerboard pattern that is suitable for magnetic levitation. What you see is pyrolytic graphite being repelled by four cube neodymium magnets. […]

Neodymium 6.5-Inch Loud Speaker

Are neodymium magnets only used in small speakers?

Many people say that neodymium magnets are only used on headphones or small speaker, and that is rarely used on large-sized speakers. They cited several reasons. Let us check is it really? The neodymium iron boron magnet is not high temperature resistant, and the H grade magnets (commonly used in most of the product) will […]