One of our customers wants to buy a neodymium magnet for his machine. In the sketch, the magnet should be “6*2mm, super magnet” And then he told us that “we want to buy the 10 pcs super magnet for our magnet, and my engineer told me that the magnet should be a super magnet, so what is the price?”

That is the problem always happen if the customer is the first time to buy it. We would like to share our experience.

As we have no idea what the neodymium magnet suit for their machine. So we ask the customer below question:


“If the consumer uses the machine, can they see the magnet?”

Question 2

“Can we adjust the dimension?”

The first question helps us know what coating we should use.  In the market there lots of material can be chosen to coat the magnet, likes Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Gold, Silver, Epoxy, Black Nickel, Chromium. But most of the time, we just choose Nickel, Zinc.  So what’s different with them?  For lots of customers, if the customer can see the magnet when they use the product, we suggest consumer buy the Nickel coating magnet. If the consumer does not see the magnet, Zinc coating will be a nice choice. Because the price is nice. We can say that Nickel has a nice looking and Zinc has a nice price.

When the magnet is small, the price will not too much different, but when the magnet is big, the price will be very different.  

In this case, the customer told us that the consumer will not see the magnet. So we will offer him the Nickel coating.


And about the question 2, just help us know

Most of the time, we do not have the magnet which is the customer want. Same size, same grade, and the same coating. That is very not easy match customer requirement.

So we ask question 2. So we can do our best to offer the neodymium magnet which was similar to their requirements. In this case, as customer accept similar size. So we offer him 3 grade magnets:

N35 6*2mm     /     N45 5*2mm    /    N52 6*3mm

Maybe, some reader just wonders, why we offer these magnets. Because 2 of them are not the 6*2mm magnet. That is in the same grade, the magnetic power will be close if their size is similar. But please note if customer need N45 5*5mm magnet, we can not take the N45 5*9mm or N45 5*1mm magnet for the test. Because that will be different within the machine.

So If you have no idea what you want, you can ask factory send you the similar magnet. You can save lots of time in the magnet testing. But the bad thing is most of the magnet just offer the customer what they want. If they do not have the right size and right grade, they will suggest you place an order to make a sample.  That waste time and waste money. 

In these case, our customer just takes 3 days to get the one they want. And we just send him 2 times sample.