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The significance of Magnets in Our Daily Lives

Magnets are one of those elements that we come across in the daily course of our lives. Needless to mention, that they play a very important role in our lives. Because of their magnetic qualities, magnets are put to various uses by the industries. Like for instance, magnets is used in a variety of devices that we use every day such as computers, MRI machines, toys, credit cards etc. Depending on their magnetic qualities and composition there are three main types of magnets which include Permanent magnets, Temporary Magnets, and Electromagnets. While some of the magnets are visible in the devices that they are used, others are fitted inside the inner workings of the devices. Thus, it can be said that even if you can’t see the magnets they are silently doing their work unseen.

What Is The Importance Of Magnets In Our Daily Lives?

As already mentioned above, magnets are used for a number of purposes some of which we are going to discuss now.

  1. Computer and Electronics: Most of the computers have magnets tucked inside the inner workings which help the computer to store data on its hard to drive. The magnet present inside the device helps alter the direction of the magnetic material on the hard disk in different segments that represent computer data. The computer read the direction of each of the segment of the magnetic material in order to read the data. Apart from this magnets are also found inside small speakers, radios, and televisions all of which forms a daily part of our lives. 
  1. Electric Power and Other Industries: In the industrial sector, magnets are considered to be one of the most important elements that they use. Magnets that are used in electric generators help convert the mechanical energy into electricity and vice versa. When it comes to the recycling part, electromagnets are used to grab large pieces of metal that weigh more than thousands of kilos. Other than that magnets are also used in the mines with the help of which metallic ores are separated from crushed rock. Magnets are also used in the food processing units where it is used to remove small pieces of metals from grains other food items. Thus, you can see how useful magnets are for the industrial sector as well as for us.
  1. Health and Medicine: Magnets are also used in the field of medicine. Equipment such as MRI machines make use of a magnet in order to function. Apart from the medical equipment magnets are also used for treating cancer. A magnetically sensitive fluid is injected into the patient’s body after which a powerful magnet is used to produce heat in the body. The generating heat helps kill the cancer cells without harming any of the organs in the body.
  1. At Home: You may not know or notice it but most of the devices that we use at our home have magnets in them which serve some purpose or the other. For example, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, credit cards, phones, doorbells etc have magnets in them.

From the above discussion, it is clear that magnets form an integral part of the devices that we use in our daily lives and thus, magnets are important for us humans.

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7 Amazing Facts About Magnet, Not Too Many People Know All of Them

Amazing Facts about Magnet

Magnets can rightly be called the strange elements of nature. Although there is enough information available on magnets, scientists still feel that there are mysteries surrounding magnets that are yet to be solved. Speaking of mysteries, some of them have been already solved by the researchers and the scientists. In this article, we have compiled a list of strange magnetic facts that you may find interesting to read.

Some Of The Amazing Facts About Magnets

Here is your chance to brush up your knowledge a bit on magnets.

  • There are magnets that are so strong that they can turn metals into magnets. However, these magnets are very rarely found. Ferromagnetic materials which include iron can easily be magnetized with the help of such strong magnets. In order to transfer the magnetic qualities into the metal, all you have to do is rub them against each other and you will see that the metal is able to pick up magnetic objects easily.
  • Speaking of magnets, did you know that the Erath is like a big magnetic ball? Earth has two magnetic poles, the north and the south which is why a compass points to that direction. Magnetic poles are however different from that of geographical North and South Pole. There are invisible magnetic lines that run from poles to poles i.e. from north to south.
  • Did you know that there are animals that get affected by magnets? To put it in other words, many animals can sense the magnetic fields and that is why magnets are used to study the migratory cycles, bee communication patterns and many other different behavioral patterns of animals.
  • Magnets are ancient elements of nature. They have existed since the formation of the earth. Chinese are believed to use loadstones for navigation purposes.
  • It is strange but there are magnetic hills in existence that is said to pull large magnetic objects like cars towards them. These magnetic hills are present in certain locations. However, there is a debate going on this that these are not actually magnetic hills but a topographical illusion.
  • Magnetar is the strongest and the most powerful magnet that is found in the universe. Surprisingly, it is a star. When stars die there are supernova explosions and magnetars are the only thing that is left over. These magnetars are powerful enough to even destroy an entire planet if they get closer. According to the scientists, there are only a few of them present in the universe and they are far away from the earth.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines use magnets in order to produce magnetic fields stronger than that of Earth. To be more precise, the magnetic field produced by these machines are 60,000 times stronger than the magnetic field of the Earth.

After going through the amazing facts about magnets that are listed above, it can be concluded that magnets are truly interesting and also the most strange elements of the earth.

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Types of Magnets

A magnet is among those amazing objects of nature that possess certain special attributes. It is an object that generates or creates a magnetic field that can pull or repel certain types of materials which includes iron and nickel. Because of this special quality, magnets are used for a variety of industrial purposes.  Speaking of magnets they are made of different elements. To put it in other words, not all magnets are made of the same elements. Based on their composition and magnetism properties magnets can be broken down and categorized into three different types. Permanent magnets, Temporary Magnets, and Electromagnets are the three main types of magnets that are available. Each of type has its own special attributes about which are going to discuss in this article. Other than that we are also going to learn about the different types of magnets that fall under the above-mentioned categories.

What Are The Different Types Of Magnets?

As already discussed above there are three main types of magnets that are available. Let’s get into the details of each type of magnets:

  1. Permanent Magnet:

    Permanent magnets are those types of magnets that can retain its magnetic properties once it is been magnetized. Basically, there are four main types of permanent magnets available. 

  • Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB):

    This type of magnet is known to have a very high coercive force and is composed of rare earth magnetic material. Even the product range of the magnet is extremely high which is up to 50 MGOe.

  • Samarium Cobalt (SmCo):

    This is the type of magnet that is very hard to demagnetize just like the one mentioned above. This is a very strong magnet with a high resistance power against temperature and oxidation.

  • Alnico:

    The name Alnico is derived from the first two letters of each of the three main elements that it is comprised of and i.e. aluminum, nickel, and Unlike the other two types of magnets that mentioned above, this type of magnet can be easily demagnetized.

  • Ceramic or Ferrite:

    This type of magnet is mainly comprised of sintered iron oxide and strontium carbonate or barium. They are mostly inexpensive and thus, can be easily produced through the process of pressing or sintering.

  1. Temporary Magnets:

    Temporary magnets are those kinds of magnets that behave like permanent magnets as long as they are within the magnetic field but lose their magnetic qualities as soon as they are removed from the magnetic Temporary magnets also vary widely in their composition because of their strange nature.

  1. Electromagnets:

    Electromagnets are mainly wound coils that that act as magnets when electrical current is passed through them. The strength of an electromagnet can be easily altered by just changing the direction and the strength of the electrical current.

So these are the three main types of magnets that are available to us. Depending on their nature these magnets are put to various uses by the industries. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that magnets are one of the many useful elements that we get from nature.

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All you need to know about custom rubber magnets

Custom rubber magnets define their own name i.e. the way they are prepared or fully customized. Now, one needs to understand that traditional magnets differ highly from that of customized magnets in terms of shapes, sizes, uses, and strength. They are prepared for a certain occasion or event or even for business-related causes. For this reason, they are also not as strong as the traditional or industrial magnets since the uses are different in both cases. In this article we will discuss the different features of these magnets and how they can be made:

Custom rubber Magnets:

These are personalized magnets meant for daily household tasks, business stationery, promotional events etc. Now, these magnets come in different sizes for the different needs of people and business activities. The magnets come in forms of logos that symbolize a specific company or come in forms of the fridge magnets for sticking notes. Also, these magnets are used for festive gifts with personalized messages on them. You can get your address or name on the magnets for a door nameplate as well if you prefer that.

Places You Can Get Custom Magnets: These days there are several different resources or options you get while you need to make something. So, in order to get a perfect one you have some options that we will list down below:

• Brick and Mortar: The simplest method of creating these custom magnets would be visiting a shop meant for making these magnets. Then producing your order perfectly is the goal since you have to really specific about the details or the product won’t be up to the mark. You need to remember there are many different shops around from which you need to select the perfect shop. At last, choose the type of magnet carefully and which perfectly suits your budget.

• Online Shops: Everything around us is available online these days because of the high availability and so magnets are nothing different. There are various online thrift stores or general websites that deal with personalized gift making. You can always search for a genuine one that fits your budget to get the best deal for your gift or business related magnet. The benefit of online websites is that they have fixed everything prior to a catalog which helps the customer.

• Do It Yourself: There cannot be a better option if someone decides to make something on their own. You can always personalize magnets after you have purchased them from a shop. You need to select the proper shape of a magnet and weight as well. Next, you have to purchase colors, decorative ribbons and every other thing you might want to decorate your magnet with. You can search online for designs to decorate your magnet. Also if you are hosting a party at your house you can give it a simple touch of yourself or your signs.
These are some of the ways in which you can purchase custom magnets and what these magnets are. Now, you need to remember that purchasing the main magnet very precisely is important.