custom shape neodymium magnet

Searching for custom shaped neodymium magnets?

You get a variety of options to choose from when searching for customized magnets cheap. The Neodymium magnets are versatile and popular for their magnetic strength and unique shapes. The neodymium magnets are prepared from neodymium, iron, and boron. The mix of these three elements turns these magnets into the strongest available magnets on this planet.

This magnet does not rust because of nickel plated surface. Hence the neodymium magnets are cheap and widely available, they are used in a huge range of electronic, artistic, and mechanical products. If you are also planning to buy one, you should consider a few important things before you place the order.

What shape’s neodymium magnet you want?

Different shapes’ neodymium magnets are used for different demands. Whether you are looking for design magnets to produce something artistic or simply need a small but powerful magnet, check all the shape magnets available in the market. You can get neodymium magnets in a variety of shapes such as rod/disks, disk countersunks, squares, rings, spheres, square countersunks, etc. All the magnets in these shapes will be nickel painted to prevent rusting. The strength and unique shape of these magnets can provide great support in any application.

The size:

When buying custom designed magnets, it is quite important to choose a right size. You might need the magnet for producing an electronic product or industrial equipment. One size of the magnet does not fit for all the equipment and devices. Though small size custom industrial magnets are also quite powerful, but they cannot replace giant sized neodymium magnets for heavy jobs. You should carefully consult the size of the magnet before you place the order to ensure you will receive the right one for your job.

Choose a reliable manufacturer:

A number of custom magnet manufacturers are available in the market. Most of them claim to offer high-quality service. They claim to offer all sizes and all shapes’ neodymium magnets but eventually they end up by restricting the design and shape options. You should discuss all your demands prior to placing the order to placing the order. Thus, you can ensure you will receive what you are paying for. Buying custom shaped neodymium magnets from local manufacturer may be a risky deal because you may end up by paying an expensive price. You should search for the manufacturers online and then pick the best one for placing a bulk order.

Buying custom neodymium magnets becomes an easy task when the manufacturer already has standard types and sizes of this magnet. You cannot deny the fact that neodymium magnets are the best when it comes to strength and availability. Their sensitivity to high temperatures makes them a bit risky to invest. However, you can find a manufacturer who can produce neodymium magnets by adding additional materials to reduce temperature sensitivity. Thus, you will be able to use this magnet in a variety of applications without spending a lot on buying different types’ magnets.

HDD magnet

 Uses of neodymium magnets

On our day to day lives, we have never paid heed to the usage of magnets. We often attribute it to the fridge magnets or jewelry clasps but they are much more than that. Even our earth itself works like a large magnet. So, it is crucial to know about the magnets and their usefulness in our lives. One of the most used magnets in the current day is the Neodymium magnet. Let us know about its usage in a little more detail.

What is the Neodymium magnet?

Most of us would have heard about the rare earth magnets as they are the most powerful permanent magnets that have been developed. The Neodymium magnet also falls under this category and it was produced in 1982 by General Motors. The rare earth mineral Neodymium has ferromagnetic properties in it that help it transform into a magnet. The magnet is made using an alloy of Neodymium, Iron, and Boron. It has the strongest magnetic field among any permanent magnet and it is 18 times more than that of a normal magnet.

  • Hard Disk Drivers: The hard disks of our computers are important for storing all the memories of the work that we do on the device. The neodymium magnet strips are present in the hard disk which helps in reading and writing of these data.
  • Speakers and Headphones: One of the most noted places of usage for the Neodymium Magnets are in speakers and headphones. The permanent magnets used in the devices help in the conversion of the electrical energy into mechanical energy which helps in creating the sound that comes out of the device. It is also used in microphones for a similar purpose.
  • MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging: We know the importance of MRI scans on several medical conditions. A strong magnet such as the neodymium magnet makes the process possible by affecting the electrons of the atoms present in our body. This helps in clicking clear diagnostic pictures of the desired area.
  • Generators and Motors: Magnets have an important part to play in these devices as well. The permanent magnets help in converting the electrical energy to mechanical energy which helps in the working process of the device.
  • Lifting Loads: It isn’t an unusual thing to think of and it is definitely used in industries to lift heavy loads. Being a powerful magnet the neodymium does a great job in the field.
  • Jewelry: People often want to use clasps that are hassle-free. So, small Neodymium magnets help in attaching chains. They also help one to adorn fake piercings by holding them against the skin through the magnetic properties.
  • Door Catches: No one wants to get hit by an unwanted door. That is the reason for using magnetic door catches which efficiently catch the door and are easy to separate as well.

So, here are some important uses of the Neodymium magnet. It is being widely used in different fields and more work is being done to test its other capabilities. We may soon hope to see it in a lot more things.

6*2mm, super magnet

What does magnet seller do can help you save money and time

One of our customers wants to buy a neodymium magnet for his machine. In the sketch, the magnet should be “6*2mm, super magnet” And then he told us that “we want to buy the 10 pcs super magnet for our magnet, and my engineer told me that the magnet should be a super magnet, so what is the price?”

That is the problem always happen if the customer is the first time to buy it. We would like to share our experience.

As we have no idea what the neodymium magnet suit for their machine. So we ask the customer below question:


“If the consumer uses the machine, can they see the magnet?”

Question 2

“Can we adjust the dimension?”


The first question helps us know what coating we should use.  In the market there lots of material can be chosen to coat the magnet, likes Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Gold, Silver, Epoxy, Black Nickel, Chromium. But most of the time, we just choose Nickel, Zinc.  So what’s different with them?  For lots of customers, if the customer can see the magnet when they use the product, we suggest consumer buy the Nickel coating magnet. If the consumer does not see the magnet, Zinc coating will be a nice choice. Because the price is nice. We can say that Nickel has a nice looking and Zinc has a nice price.

When the magnet is small, the price will not too much different, but when the magnet is big, the price will be very different.  

In this case, the customer told us that the consumer will not see the magnet. So we will offer him the Nickel coating.


And about the question 2, just help us know

Most of the time, we do not have the magnet which is the customer want. Same size, same grade, and the same coating. That is very not easy match customer requirement.

So we ask question 2. So we can do our best to offer the neodymium magnet which was similar to their requirements. In this case, as customer accept similar size. So we offer him 3 grade magnets:

N35 6*2mm     /     N45 5*2mm    /    N52 6*3mm

Maybe, some reader just wonders, why we offer these magnets. Because 2 of them are not the 6*2mm magnet. That is in the same grade, the magnetic power will be close if their size is similar. But please note if customer need N45 5*5mm magnet, we can not take the N45 5*9mm or N45 5*1mm magnet for the test. Because that will be different within the machine.

So If you have no idea what you want, you can ask factory send you the similar magnet. You can save lots of time in the magnet testing. But the bad thing is most of the magnet just offer the customer what they want. If they do not have the right size and right grade, they will suggest you place an order to make a sample.  That waste time and waste money. 

In these case, our customer just takes 3 days to get the one they want. And we just send him 2 times sample. 


Coating Zine and Coating Nickel magnet

What is different with Coating Zine and Coating Nickel magnet

As the magnet is very important units the lots of product. So lots of different customers buy it. Some customer buys lots of them, some customer just buys 100pcs or 1000pcs. So as a magnet factory, we always service many customers who just buy the magnet for their first time.
“what is the difference between the coating zine magnet and coating Nickel magnet.”“pls send me 1000pcs magnet” ”I want 500pcs the black magnet” ”how much the 5*5mm metal magnet ”Most customer know nothing about the magnet. So we need to ask them lots of question in order to make sure what magnet they want or what magnet is best for them, like “what magnet, what grade, what size and what is the working temperature?”
So in this post, we would like to introduce you, what is the difference between the coating zine magnet and coating Nickel magnet. So as a normal customer, and do not has the high requirement, you will know what is the difference of them.
1. Appearance
Nickel Coating magnets have good looking, and more metal feeling. In another word, that is sharp. But Zine Coating just very normal,it look likes have frosted surface. If the consumer can see the magnet, we suggest customer choose Nickel coating.
2. Price
Nickel Coating is expensive than the Zine coating. But it doesn’t matter. If you do not buy too many, you can ignore the difference. But in normal, the price will be different within 0.01 USD.
3. Function
In fact, if the magnet does not use in the high tech product. The function is the same, no different.
4. Weight
The Nickel coating will be little heavy than the Zine coating. So if you very care about the weight, you should be paying attention to that.
In the transaction, the coating is not very important. Because no matter which coating it is, the magnet still have perfect working.

Magnets Make Your Refrigerator More Useful

If someone told with you that he can make your refrigerator has new storage space. You must think that he is crazy or stupid. But it is true. If we use the magnet, the refrigerator will be bigger. So in this post, we would like to introduce you how to enlarge the space with your refrigerator.
1. Spacer Saver
In lots of families, people like to put the refrigerator in their kitchen. And lots of people have no idea, the refrigerator can help them save space just with the small tins.
So below is our material:
Clear-top Tins,
Mark Pen

tins on refrigerator
About the tins and magnets, we can buy it on Amazon or eBay, or Aliexpress. And the tin we talking about, pls note that that is the height should lower than the diameter If the height is higher than the diameter, that is a bottle, not tins. And the magnet, we suggest you buy the neodymium disc magnet, and the grade should over N35. And the diameter should be bigger and the height should be lower. And pls don’t buy the magnet which their diameter as big as the tins. Because you need some space to pull out the tins from the refrigerator. And you need at least one per tin, two will be ok fine too. But no need to make it three, that is waste money, and make it dangerous.
So that is very easy to DIY it, and let us show it to you:
1. Put the magnet to the back of tins.
And pls pay attention at this step, because as you are new, you have no idea how dangerous when you use the neodymium magnet. So we suggest you buy N35 neodymium magnet, just N35, not N52. Because N35 has enough power to attach the goods. If N52, the power is too big, they will attach the tins very quick, so you will be clipped.2. Make a tap on the magnet
As we know, the neodymium magnet is “metal”(In fact, neodymium does not the metal, just Nickel Plating ) very easily scratch the refrigerator, so we need to make a tap on that, cover the neodymium magnet, to protect the magnet and refrigerator well.
3. Mark the name on tins.
Maybe you are wondering that, why should I mark it on the tins? I know what it is. But make a mark on that, not for you, just for your friend, for your kids, and the most important, that is for your stupid boyfriend or husband. Because most of them are so careless. If you ask them to take you A, most of the time they will give you B. So in order make them give you the right thing, pls mark it. And if you want the tins to have a good-looking, you can mark it on the back. If you do not care about, just want other know that what the tin is, you can mark it on the surface of tins.
(Tips of you that, if you use the marker pen to mark the tins, you can use alcohol to clean it. Or you can write it on the paper tape, and tape it on the tins.)

Hard Drive Actuator Motor Magnets

It is primitive life, If you cannot find these magnets in life

As a magnet manufacturer, we know that magnet is a very big market. it was used in lots of different product. But as an individual, people will confuse that it looks very far away from us. Because we don’t use any magnet in our life.

But it is wrong. In fact, the magnet is everywhere in our life. So, let us introduce you some magnet in our life. And you haven’t known that before. If you told us, these magnets really do not in your lift, we will surprise. Because you are in the primitive life.

  1. Computer—hard disk driver.

Today, in the modem world, we use the computer every day. No matter buys something online, check some information, or chat with a friend, or send email, the computer is a good friend to us. But maybe you are confused about that, where is the magnet. In fact, lots of magnet in the computer. And the most important one is the HDD, the hard disk driver. There one rare earth magnet in the HDD, and very important. AND That’s why we say, if we take strong neodymium magnets near the HDD, will destroy it easily. But it will be fine if you take a magnet near the SSD. Because SSD does not have a magnet inside.

  1. Mobile Phone

Mobile phone just like our ID card, no matter where we go, she will stand with us. And we can say that it is one part of our body. And where is the magnet? The answer is the speaker. The magnet helps to transform the electrical signal into acoustic signals. And that is very tiny, most of the time it is 1mm neodymium magnet. That is what we call sound. Hard to imagine that mobile phone without a magnet, without them means without sound. How can we use a phone which was sound?

  1. Car

About the car, we would not talk about the speaker. Because we have mentioned it. But even we do not talk about the speaker magnet, there still lots of magnets there. Likes wiper motor, starter motor, electric seat motor, compressor electromagnetic coupler, air conditioner fan motor, automatic sunshade motor, steering angle sensor (magnetic sense) headlight steering mechanism (motor), auxiliary driving position automatic storage The box (motor) also has various sensors, such as: speed sensor, wheel speed sensor. There is also a magnet on the oil drain plug of the engine and the transmission oil sump to adsorb iron scrap. The magnet will be very different. From NdFeB magnet, sintered ferrite magnet, AlNiCo magnet, samarium cobalt magnets. With bout them, the car just is metal.

  1. Refrigerator

Maybe lots of people were found where the magnet is in the refrigerator. Yes, it is hidden in the door. In order to make sure the cold air stays in the refrigerator, Engineer put the magnet inside the door, so when we close the door, the magnet will attract the refrigerator tightly. But when we want to open it still very easy.

  1. Air Conditioning

Air-conditioning compressors (inverter) will use magnets, fans, swing fans, cooling fan motors will use the magnet, the use of permanent magnet motor will have a better energy-saving effect. Filter covers for air conditioners are generally also magnetized for easy removal.

  1. Microwave Magnets

Microwaves use magnetrons consisting of magnets to generate electromagnetic waves. And the electromagnetic waves used to heat the food. So that

There is lots of product have a magnet, but it is hard to name it. handbags and jewelry, cloth. If you find any the magnets used in your home? Let us know if you find any places that we didn’t include in our list.

Neodymium Arc Magnet Draft

6 Tips Should Note In Neodymium Arc Magnet Purchasing

Purchasing neodymium arc magnet should be more careful than the block magnet or the disc magnet. Because they very special, and too many factors need to confirm. In another word, the arc magnet is the custom product. No manufacturer will produce them in advance and waiting for your purchasing. If you are careless, it is very easy to lost money and waste time. So lots of customers ask Osenc Magnet Company to write some post, likes the topic about what factors should be noted in the neodymium arc magnet purchasing. So now, we would like to about this topic.

So let us introduce you the 5 Tips should be noted.

  1. Preparation period Should be Long

If you want to purchase the arc magnet, you should start this work as soon as possible. Because you will need a sample before you place the order. So we can calculate the time. In normal, the factory needs 14 days to 18 days to produce the sample. (If you want the high-grade magnet, factory need check the material in the market.) And then factory send the sample to you, it takes extra 4-6days. And you need 1 or 2 days to check the quality. And then pay them and ask the start their work. (It will take 3-5 days, as you know TT takes 2 or 3 days. The factory will do nothing before they get the deposit. If you or the factory makes anything wrong in the payment information, it will take extra 7-9days. ) Factory start they work when they got the deposit. The Mass production will take 18-21days.

So how many days do we need? Is there anyone have any idea?

If I am right,and everything goes well, no any mistake, the leading time of the Neodymium arc magnet is 40 days. If there anything goes wrong,60 days is possible. But as you know, God will not let everything goes well. Lots of things might happen. So 40 days must be not enough. Make the preparation period long enough will good for your work.

  1. Draft is important

Even you have enough preparation period, but you still save the time. And push the project finish as soon as possible. The secret is the draft. Make sure the information was written in the Draft. And what information must be shown?

Arc Degree, Arc Length, Height, Width, Thickness Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter, Plating, Grade, Tolerance

For example, the like this draft, it shows all information:

Neodymium Arc Magnet Draft

The arc degree: 55 degrees,

The length: 27mm(by the way, all of the drafts we use mm, not the cm)

Height: 6mm

Width: 3±0.05

Thickness : 2.2±0.05

Inner Diameter: 26.2mm

Outer Diameter:29.2mm

Plating: Ni

Grade N50M ( It means the magnet will be working well if the temperature under 100 Celsius degree. If you are not sure what grade to you need, you can tell the factory the operating temperature range. But please make sure the temperature you mark is Celsius Degree, not Fahrenheit Degree. Because Chinese magnet manufacturer use Celsius Degree.)

  1. Tolerance

As you see the width is 3±0.05mm and thickness is 2.2±0.05mm. But what does the “±” mean?

That is the logo of tolerance. So if the width is 3.05mm or 2.95mm are acceptable. If your product is high technology, your tolerance must be smaller. And in this business, tolerance is different. Different shape, different tolerance. Like the disc magnet, the standard tolerance is ±0.05mm, but the square magnet, the length, and width are ±0.1mm, and thickness is ±0.05mm. And if you have special requirement, the disc tolerance can be 0.02mm, and the square, the length and width can be ±0.05mm, thickness ±0.03mm. As we know some manufacturer in the west, the tolerance can be ±0.01mm.

But as the tolerance is smaller, the cost will be higher. For most of the people, the standard tolerance will meet their requirement.


  1. Temperature

About the draft, as we saw that, there no temperature was written. But all of us know that the magnet can be working well if the operating temperature below 100 Degree. Because the grade was N50M. M means the magnet working well if the temperature is 100 Celsius or smaller than 100 Celsius. About the relationship of temperature and grade, you can check below form


*means the number, likes N*M, can be N35M, N38M, N40M, N42M, N45M, N48M, N50M, N52M. More information, you can visit the Neodymium magnet grade

  1. The quantity of S, N Pole

It looks like a very foolish question. But unfortunate, it always happens. Most of the time that happens when one of them (the seller and the buyer) is an apprentice. And the magnets are used for rotating equipment. The quantity of magnet should be plural. Like 12, 24, 26. Because the same magnetic field always pushes away something with a similar magnetic field. And the two different magnetic field will attract each other.S N pole acr magnet


So if you told to the seller the quantity, you should make sure that they understand what you mean.

magnetization Direction             magnetization Direction and ID OD

Likes that “we want 2400 pcs magnet, and here is the draft.(You just sent the seller picture A)and we use the magnet for rotating equipment ”. So are you mean you want 2400 pcs magnet, All of them are A magnet, and no B magnet? Or you mean you want 2400 set magnet. A magnet 2400pcs ,and B magnet 2400 pcs? If seller and buyer, both of them are new in this business. 2400pcs A magnet will be produced. But 2400 pcs are worthless if there no 2400 pcs B magnet.


  1. Magnetization Direction

Magnetization direction is a very important factor. If you make it wrong the magnets are worthless too. But As the arc is special shape, so there 4 type magnetization direction: diametrical direction, the width direction, thickness direction.

Different magnetization direction makes different direction has big power. So we should pay attention to that.

All factory we are talking about is very important. It helps us save time and save money. So we should remind the engineer and supplier to recheck the information are correct.



Neo Rare Earth Magnet with Ts 16949 ISO 9001

RARE Earth Magnets

If we pay attention, it will be very easy to found many rare earth magnets in our daily life. It is a very common feature in household appliances. These magnets are permanent magnets, and it sounds like fancy for many people. But do you have any idea about what it is different from other type magnets? So let s talk about the history of rare earth magnet.

History of Rare Earth Magnets

In last century, Rare earth magnets were developed by the scientists who at the United States Air Force Materials Laboratory. They found an alloy had the largest magnetic anisotropy. And they name the alloy “rare earth magnets”. Even the name insinuates that these magnets are sparse and hard to find. But in fact, they’re actually as abundant as iron or Gold. However, the main source is all come from China. They have good quality and big quantity material. And the point is most of them are high classify and cannot found in other countries.

How to produce Rare Earth Magnets

Once the raw material is sent to the manufacturer, it will be ground into powder. And then it will be mixed with other material to produce the magnet. And the different content of the raw material and other material, it will take the grade and the magnetic properties different. The powder will be pressed into a form (in normal, the form is the rectangle, Square or Circular) and then aligned using a big electromagnet. After the particles are aligned, the material is sintered to lock everything in place. In future, the material is a further process and cut down into smaller pieces. Once the final shape has been confirmed, the magnets will need a protect. And about the protect, it could be coated or plated. And they can protect the magnet from corrosion. At last, the magnets will be magnetized. Likes the normal magnet we use.

How to makes the rare magnet better
As the rare magnet is produced with different powder, different alloys. So their quality and strength are different from other magnets. In this business, BHMax is used for measured the magnetic fields. For example, the ceramic magnets (it is high strength in magnets) have a BHMax of 3.5, the strongest rare earth magnets have a strength of 40. And the Ferrite Magnet will be lower.

If the temperatures are too high, the magnets will demagnetize. And we call the temperatures Tcurie value. And different material magnet has a different Tcurie temperature. In normal, the ceramic magnet is 460 degrees Celsius(860 Fahrenheit).
And rare earth magnets is closer to 750 degrees Celsius (1382 Fahrenheit). So it means that rare earth magnets stand much higher temperatures before demagnetized.

No matter ceramic or SmCo magnets, both of them are rare earth magnet, are much more able to against corrosion. And neodymium magnets are rare earth magnet too, but it is rather brittle. And about the manufacture, neodymium is very difficult to produce. In a word, rare earth magnets are not a magical product. So what we should do is know more about them.

neodymium magnets purchasing

5 Factors To Help You Purchase Good Magnet

Lots of customers have no idea what magnet they want to buy. Maybe just their engineer told them the size and the quantity. And then they do their best to find the supplier or manufacturer. But it takes time if you have no experience with the magnet purchasing or buy the one which not you want. So in this post, we would like to show you how to be an experienced magnet purchaser.

At first, would like to remind you that, the magnet we talk about is NdFeB magnet.

  1. 3*5 and 5*3, not the same one

Make sure the measure. Maybe some people think that, are you kidding me? How can I buy a magnet without a size? But lots of time people will make mistake in the measure. And most of the time is the disk (cylinder) magnet. In normal, we talk about the 3*5 magnet, it means that the diameter is 3mm and the height is 5. So when we are purchasing the magnet we should be more careful about that. In order to make sure the measure, we will have double check with the customer. When they tell us the size 3*5mm, we ask them back “ are you mean the diameter is 3mm, and the height is 5mm?”


  1. CM and MM

It not easy to make mistake. But sometimes it happens. Engineer want 3*3cm, and then buyer told the supplier “pls send us 3*3 magnet sample”. And then mistake happen. Because in this business, the unit we use is mm. As you know Some seller will be careless, so they will send you what ask for. And will not ask you what you use for or what you really want.

  1. High-grade magnet not easy on stock

As we know, the magnet has different size, different shape, different grade. So, it is hard to stock them. Because the cost of the magnet is high, and if the grade, size, and shape do not match customer’s necessary, it will be valueless.  So if you want to buy N52, N50 or N48 magnet with big quantity and the seller said they have them on the stock. You should be careful. Because lots of sellers will use the low-grade magnet to instead the high grade.

Zinc Nickel magnet different

  1. Galvanized or Nickel Plating

Lots of people have a question with that, what is different with them? In one word, Nickel plating has better performance than Zinc plating, but zinc plating magnet has a nice price. So you can choose which one will suit for your requirement. ( Nickel is lighter in appearance because it is superior to zinc in terms of polishability. The treatment of the nickel surface also increases the temperature resistance, plus the conductive nature of nickel itself.)

  1. Sample is necessary

We suggest people buy some magnet in the local market. And test it, if the magnet see your requirement. And then send to your supplier. And they will test the sample to check what grade it is and what plating.  Sometime, you will found that the grade you think are not the real grade of the magnet.


magnet attach the key

What Can Magnet Use for In Daily Life?

In our life, we can find the magnet everywhere. But lots of time we throw it. And think that s worthless. Today we would like to show you some useful function about the neodymium magnet. And If you have any question or want to know more tips welcome to contact us. As we are magnet manufacturer wholesaler, so we know lots tips about that. And pls know the magnet we talk about in this post is neodymium magnet, not the  Alnico magnet nor sintered ferrite magnet.

1. Make the screwdriver attach the screw. We will found that the screwdriver can be easy attaching the screw. She will attract metal to her and self-tapping screws will stick to it. And that is not easy to drop. So you no need to worry about the screw will drop.
2. Organize the wires on your desk. You will need a spring from the patriotic pen which must be wound at the base of the cable. And using hot melt adhesive glue small magnets to the table and then you will get a pretty convenient option of fixing the wires at work.

3. Take a magnet and the size, look like a coin and throw on the pocket. And you will found that it is comfortable to keep nails to yourself and even more convenient to get them. (But don’t do that if you use Heart pacemaker, because that s dangerous) Same with the hammer, so that is very useful.

4. By gluing the magnets on a vertical surface you can mount various items there That’s how the tools are located on  balcony. pack with magnet magnet with screwdriver attach the key organize by magnet screwer with magnet magnet on kitchen

The kitchen also has an application of magnets Jars with metal covers can take place under the shelf, tin box on the side of the bedside table. Even in the refrigerator, you can arrange a place for drinks! How unpleasant moments when you scatter a metal trifle on the floor (Press the magnet more closely to the bottom of the box and with the help of unprecedented magic, make the glands come back to their place.)

5. By the way, in no case do not lean the magnets to the meters. Because the magnet will stop the meters. If you do that, the water company or electricity company will ask their lower to have a chat with you.

6. When your Mom bought chips! You ate a little and you no longer to eat all of them. Fold the edge of the package as shown in the picture. Pack it with the help of two magnets, and the chips are not going anywhere!

7. Do your keys have no permanent place? A small improvement of the light switch will solve this problem. At first, gently remove the light switch and its outer shell. To the inside, glue A magnet in.  So that he would be in the lower part of it. And then fit everything in place. In the end,  when we come back home, we will know exactly where to leave the keys. And it will not take any cost or too much time.