neodymium and ferrite magnets

What is the difference between neodymium and ferrite magnets?

The active study of magnetic materials began in the era of the development of electrical engineering when the relationship between the electric and magnetic fields was revealed. Now, no electrical product can do without them.

Nowadays, due to low cost, neodymium and ferrite magnets are most widely used. The first includes three main elements: iron, boron, and neodymium, which is indispensable in the aerospace and aviation industries, as an additive for the production of superalloys. In addition, the metal is widely used for the production of thermoelectric and special dielectric materials, fiber optic devices, as well as colored and painted glass for various purposes.

Both neodymium and ferrite magnet contains a large percentage of iron. In addition, the alloy may include several other elements, such as nickel, titanium, tungsten, chromium, cobalt, aluminum, barium, etc. Doping allows one to obtain the desired physical properties of the alloys.

Neodymium-based magnetic materials have a high value of residual induction and coercive force that keeps domains in an oriented state for a long time, even when exposed to external adverse factors. This is perhaps the main thing that distinguishes a neodymium magnet from the usual one.

The force of attraction of a conventional ferromagnet in ten years is reduced by more than half, while devices from neodymium lose no more than a couple of percents during the same time. Fantastic properties allow scientists and engineers to use materials from rare earth in the responsible nodes of electrical equipment, which requires the constancy of parameters over time. The durability of the alloy makes it possible to save not only on the cost of products but also on their maintenance.

What is the difference between neodymium magnets and ordinary ones? Due to the large residual induction, the neodymium alloy has a relatively large value of magnetization. The large force of attraction of products, with smaller sizes, mass, and relatively low cost, make this type of material preferable.

Neodymium magnet, the difference in characteristics of which compared to other brands of ferromagnets is so significant, can be found everywhere, both in everyday life and in production. The main areas of use: electrical and electronic products, fixing and technological parts, medical and special devices, household products, etc.

Most of the products presented on the website are made of neodymium alloy.

China Magnet

Advantages Of Chinese Neodymium Magnets

So far, the greatest force of magnetic products is rare earth magnets. And their basis element is neodymium, in addition, boron and iron are present in the alloy. At the same time, almost all neodymium magnets are Chinese for sale. Lots of people want to ask why. The fact is that it is China is the main supplier of rare-earth elements (in particular, neodymium) on the world market.And there lots of neodymium magnet manufacturer in China. As a result, most of the products from these metals are produced in China.

Features and application
Chinese neodymium has a lot of advantages, the main ones are:
* Maximum magnetic energy;
* Maximum coercive force;
* Maximum residual magnetism;
* Preservation of working properties (for 10 years only 1% of magnetic energy is lost);
* High corrosion resistance;
* The ability to manufacture products of any shape (discs, rings, segments, bars, etc.).

Lots of neodymium magnets from China is normal shape, like Cylindrical,Square, Disc. But as we know in the industry world, in the production we need the custom magnet.  They are very different. Different shape, different magnetic direction and different coating.

But no matter what different it is, they are used in:
* Clamps and clamps (from household tool holders to magnetic clamps of heavy equipment);
* Systems of cleaning, separation, and filtration;
* Metal detectors;
* Hard disk drives and erasing heads;
* Acoustic equipment;
* Turbines and generators;
* Compression, lifting, stepping, and electric motors;
* Medical equipment.
In addition, neodymium is used to produce all sorts of toys and sets for tricks. In everyday life, they are also often used for many different purposes.

Designation and classification
All neodymium magnets – from China, they, or from Russia, it does not matter – they must have an alphanumeric designation describing the main performance characteristics of the product. The letter thus denotes the temperature range in which the magnet retains its properties, the figure – the so-called magnetic energy or the “pull force”.
According to working temperatures, neodymium is divided into the following classes:
* N – up to 80 ° C;
* M – up to 100 ° С;
* H – up to 120 ° C;
* SH – up to 150 ° C;
* UH – up to 180 ° C;
* EH – up to 200 ° C.
Temperatures below zero do not affect the working properties of the neodymium.
When choosing a neodymium magnet from China, one should remember that the separation force depends not only on the physical characteristics but also on the dimensions of the product (more precisely, the area of the contacting surface). For example, a 25×20 magnet comes off easier than a 40×5 magnet, since it has a smaller area of contact with metal. However, due to the longer magnetic lines, its grip strength will be higher.

How Sintered Neodymium Magnets are Made

Exactly How Neodymium Magnets are Made

Exactly How Sintered Neodymium Magnets are Made
We talked about the steps associated with producing neodymium magnets, with some notes on what this suggests for real magnet customers.

1. Main Materials
The standard compound for the majority of Neodymium magnets is Nd2Fe14B. But in the real production, the chain reaction can be much more complex. Here is the generally made use of reaction :

57 Fe + 8 B + 10 Fe2O3 + 7.5 Nd2O3 + 52.5 Ca -> Nd15Fe77B8 + 52.5 CaO

Vacuum Cleaner Induction Heating System

What we need to pay attention is higher temperature level magnet grades, extra| components are included. When small percentages of Iron (Fe) are changed with Cobalt (Co), the power of magnet will enhance at raised temperature levels, however the intrinsic coercivity will be lowers. If tiny parts of Neodymium (Nd) are changed with Dysprosium (Dy), the intrinsic coercivity is enhanced, however the maximum power item (BHmax, an excellent step of a magnet’s power ) lowers. In normal, the magnet producer use both Co and Dy together. So the power and performance will be great.

2. Melting
In order to protect the product. In the production, the material need happens in a vacuum cleaner induction heating system. The system is heated up by electric swirl currents via it, the vacuum cleaner can make the pollutants out of the production.

3. Milling

In order to make the material to typical 3mm,magnet supplier will use the jet milling transforms the rhas magnetizationial right into a powder with a really tiny dimension.

4. Pressing

Pressing Actions
The powder need to be pressed together to create a shape that has magnetization orientation. In the production, referred to as die-upsetting, the powder is pressed with a die right into a solid body at raised temperature levels of concerning 725 ° C. The solid is after that positioned in a 2nd die, where it is pressed to a larger form that has to do with fifty percent it’s initial elevation. This straightens the favored direction of magnetization alongside the pressing orientation. For some forms, there are approaches that consist of a component that creates an electromagnetic field throughout pushing to align the particles.

5. Sintering
Sintering is a usual procedure in powder metallurgy. The main material is pressed at raised temperature levels (as high as 1080 ° C) below the material’s melting factor, till its particles comply with each various other.

6. Machining
The sintered magnets are reduced to the customer wanted form making use of a grinding procedure. Much less generally, complicated forms are made with electrical discharge machining (EDM). As a result of the high material price, material losses because of machining are maintained to a minimum. No reliable ways of reusing the waste have actually been created.

7. Coating
The specific magnets are electro coat with 3 material: nickel & copper & nickel. This is essential due to the fact that un-coated neodymium magnets are very easy to “rust”, and also will promptly miss their magnetic power in the daily witness.

8. Magnetization
Now, the magnets have a specific orientation
of magnetization, however, they are not magnetized. They are put in a mold(we also called it fixture) that will certainly show the magnet to an extremely electromagnetic field for a short moment. It’s generally a huge coil of cable around the magnet( s). The magnetizing devices make use of banks of capacitors as well as a truly massive voltage to obtain such big current for a split second.

9. Inspection
About the quality of the resulting magnets is the inspection. For a range of properties.
p measuring projector confirms the measurements. The thickness of the coating, in order to check it, will use x-ray fluorescence modern technology to check.

What all this suggests for customers of neodymium magnets

A magnet with the nickel plating scratched away, exposing the raw NdFeB magnet below
Neodymium magnets are created by powder metallurgical techniques. Their feature very closely looks like a ceramic, instead of a metal. They are not conveniently machined, so we do not suggest attempting to make them.
Neodymium magnets are extremely difficult and breakable. Regardless of the metal look of their nickel coating, they are not as strong as steel. If based on sharp effects, such as enabling them to knock right into each other, they can quickly break or damage. Treatment, as well as correct handling, are necessary}.
We do not suggest press-fitting neodymium magnets. Magnets are frequently glued into a pocket that is a little bigger than the magnet, instead of press-fitting.
We do not suggest making use of a threaded magnet. While it’s possible to reduce strings, they do not stand up well under torque.

Special shape magnet

How does the magnet die?

The magnet can be dead? How ridiculous it is! It just a good, not animal, not human being. In fact, the magnet can be dead. But what we mean is that it lost the power, in another word, is lose its magnetism. Demagnetization and degaussing is how they die.

The first reason: Heat

Yes, the temperature is a very important factor. Most of the magnet die in their hand. If you heat the magnet and reach a certain temperature, the magnet loses its magnetism. Different magnets have different temperatures. For example, the temperature of N series NdFeB is 80 degrees. As soon as this temperature is reached, the magnet begins to lose its magnetism. And this temperature, we call it the Curie temperature. Losing magnetism does not disappear in a flash. It is slowly. The higher the temperature, the faster the time of death. At the same time, the volume is also a factor. At the same high temperature, if the volume of the magnet is larger, the time of death will be longer. On the contrary, if the volume is small, then it will die in just a second. Therefore, in the process of using the magnet, it is necessary to pay attention to the working environment temperature.

The second reason: Magnetic field

Coercive Force, A very strange noun, many guests do not understand what this means. It is also difficult to explain in technical terms. In the simplest terms, magnets with high coercivity such as Sm-Co and Nd-Fe-B, and magnets with low coercivity such as Alnico ferrite magnets cannot be placed. together. In particular, the difference in coercivity is particularly large, because magnets such as Sm-Co and NdFeB kill magnets with small coercivity.

The third reason: Crush

Old magnet, like Alnico,will be easy lost its lift. Just because of the shock or hit with a hammer. But the modern magnet do not happen this problem.

No matter you buy magnet or sell magnet, we also need to know how to stock the magnet. Because if the magnet lose its power , its useless. It is not easy to resend it to the factory and magnetizing again.

Custom Permanent Neodymium Magnet

Interesting Things You Can Do With Custom Rare Earth Magnets

The Neodymium or rare earth magnet is certainly the best when it comes to strength and performance. The rare earth magnet features pull-force of 10 times stronger than other types of magnets and approximately 20,000 times better than the magnetic field generated by our planet. Before you plan to buy custom neodymium magnets, you must know that these magnets are also brittle. However, it can withstand much greater stress than ferrite magnets.

Now you might be wondering what the uses of neodymium magnets are. Due to affordable cost and bulk availability, the neodymium magnets are used in a variety of projects. You can also use them for creating some DIY products, which would be the following.

Magnetic sculpture:

You might have seen a variety of videos online in which the artists use custom made magnet is used to produce several different sculptures. You can also get creative and use custom magnet shapes to turn your fantasy structure a reality. You do not need to use all the magnets because you can use other metal objects to create an artistic sculpture. You just need to search for the DIY projects with custom neodymium and there will be plenty of things to do with this magnet.

Tool holder:

Neodymium magnets can be available in several different shapes. You do not need to buy all of them because you just need ½” diameter cylindrical neodymium magnet. It is not about building a tool holder for your garage, but for carrying with you. Suppose you are a mechanic and want to carry some essential tools to the job site, you should keep a small but strong neodymium magnet in your pocket. It can easily hold ratchets, wrenches, and other tools when you are working on a project. You can also use a tiny neodymium to hold your keys safely in your pocket.

Produce a mini magnetic field:

Yes, it is possible to create mini magnetic field by using custom made magnets. You need a round neodymium magnet and a copper piping of the same diameter as the round shaped neodymium. Now you have to hold the copper tube vertically and drop the round neodymium magnet in that tube. You might think that it will drop down like a ball bearing but that is not going to happen. The magnet creates a mini magnetic field as it passes through copper and therefore it does not drop like a ball bearing. Try this experiment and then repeat it in front of your friends.

Floating paper clip:

It is a classic experiment often performed with the neodymium magnet. Get a small neodymium and stick above the floating paper clip stand. Now tie the paper click with a nylon thread and tie it just 2” below the magnet. The bottom of the stand will keep the nylon thread in its place and the paper clip will appear like floating in air. It can be a great decorative sculpture. You can use a large strong magnet and replace paper clip with any other metal object to make this experiment look more appealing.

There are many other DIY things you can try with custom magnets. The above explained experiments are simple and quite fascinating and therefore you must try them.

custom shape neodymium magnet

Searching for custom shaped neodymium magnets?

You get a variety of options to choose from when searching for customized magnets cheap. The Neodymium magnets are versatile and popular for their magnetic strength and unique shapes. The neodymium magnets are prepared from neodymium, iron, and boron. The mix of these three elements turns these magnets into the strongest available magnets on this planet.

This magnet does not rust because of nickel plated surface. Hence the neodymium magnets are cheap and widely available, they are used in a huge range of electronic, artistic, and mechanical products. If you are also planning to buy one, you should consider a few important things before you place the order.

What shape’s neodymium magnet you want?

Different shapes’ neodymium magnets are used for different demands. Whether you are looking for design magnets to produce something artistic or simply need a small but powerful magnet, check all the shape magnets available in the market. You can get neodymium magnets in a variety of shapes such as rod/disks, disk countersunks, squares, rings, spheres, square countersunks, etc. All the magnets in these shapes will be nickel painted to prevent rusting. The strength and unique shape of these magnets can provide great support in any application.

The size:

When buying custom designed magnets, it is quite important to choose a right size. You might need the magnet for producing an electronic product or industrial equipment. One size of the magnet does not fit for all the equipment and devices. Though small size custom industrial magnets are also quite powerful, but they cannot replace giant sized neodymium magnets for heavy jobs. You should carefully consult the size of the magnet before you place the order to ensure you will receive the right one for your job.

Choose a reliable manufacturer:

A number of custom magnet manufacturers are available in the market. Most of them claim to offer high-quality service. They claim to offer all sizes and all shapes’ neodymium magnets but eventually they end up by restricting the design and shape options. You should discuss all your demands prior to placing the order to placing the order. Thus, you can ensure you will receive what you are paying for. Buying custom shaped neodymium magnets from local manufacturer may be a risky deal because you may end up by paying an expensive price. You should search for the manufacturers online and then pick the best one for placing a bulk order.

Buying custom neodymium magnets becomes an easy task when the manufacturer already has standard types and sizes of this magnet. You cannot deny the fact that neodymium magnets are the best when it comes to strength and availability. Their sensitivity to high temperatures makes them a bit risky to invest. However, you can find a manufacturer who can produce neodymium magnets by adding additional materials to reduce temperature sensitivity. Thus, you will be able to use this magnet in a variety of applications without spending a lot on buying different types’ magnets.

HDD magnet

 Uses of neodymium magnets

On our day to day lives, we have never paid heed to the usage of magnets. We often attribute it to the fridge magnets or jewelry clasps but they are much more than that. Even our earth itself works like a large magnet. So, it is crucial to know about the magnets and their usefulness in our lives. One of the most used magnets in the current day is the Neodymium magnet. Let us know about its usage in a little more detail.

What is the Neodymium magnet?

Most of us would have heard about the rare earth magnets as they are the most powerful permanent magnets that have been developed. The Neodymium magnet also falls under this category and it was produced in 1982 by General Motors. The rare earth mineral Neodymium has ferromagnetic properties in it that help it transform into a magnet. The magnet is made using an alloy of Neodymium, Iron, and Boron. It has the strongest magnetic field among any permanent magnet and it is 18 times more than that of a normal magnet.

  • Hard Disk Drivers: The hard disks of our computers are important for storing all the memories of the work that we do on the device. The neodymium magnet strips are present in the hard disk which helps in reading and writing of these data.
  • Speakers and Headphones: One of the most noted places of usage for the Neodymium Magnets are in speakers and headphones. The permanent magnets used in the devices help in the conversion of the electrical energy into mechanical energy which helps in creating the sound that comes out of the device. It is also used in microphones for a similar purpose.
  • MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging: We know the importance of MRI scans on several medical conditions. A strong magnet such as the neodymium magnet makes the process possible by affecting the electrons of the atoms present in our body. This helps in clicking clear diagnostic pictures of the desired area.
  • Generators and Motors: Magnets have an important part to play in these devices as well. The permanent magnets help in converting the electrical energy to mechanical energy which helps in the working process of the device.
  • Lifting Loads: It isn’t an unusual thing to think of and it is definitely used in industries to lift heavy loads. Being a powerful magnet the neodymium does a great job in the field.
  • Jewelry: People often want to use clasps that are hassle-free. So, small Neodymium magnets help in attaching chains. They also help one to adorn fake piercings by holding them against the skin through the magnetic properties.
  • Door Catches: No one wants to get hit by an unwanted door. That is the reason for using magnetic door catches which efficiently catch the door and are easy to separate as well.

So, here are some important uses of the Neodymium magnet. It is being widely used in different fields and more work is being done to test its other capabilities. We may soon hope to see it in a lot more things.

6*2mm, super magnet

What does magnet seller do can help you save money and time

One of our customers wants to buy a neodymium magnet for his machine. In the sketch, the magnet should be “6*2mm, super magnet” And then he told us that “we want to buy the 10 pcs super magnet for our magnet, and my engineer told me that the magnet should be a super magnet, so what is the price?”

That is the problem always happen if the customer is the first time to buy it. We would like to share our experience.

As we have no idea what the neodymium magnet suit for their machine. So we ask the customer below question:


“If the consumer uses the machine, can they see the magnet?”

Question 2

“Can we adjust the dimension?”


The first question helps us know what coating we should use.  In the market there lots of material can be chosen to coat the magnet, likes Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Gold, Silver, Epoxy, Black Nickel, Chromium. But most of the time, we just choose Nickel, Zinc.  So what’s different with them?  For lots of customers, if the customer can see the magnet when they use the product, we suggest consumer buy the Nickel coating magnet. If the consumer does not see the magnet, Zinc coating will be a nice choice. Because the price is nice. We can say that Nickel has a nice looking and Zinc has a nice price.

When the magnet is small, the price will not too much different, but when the magnet is big, the price will be very different.  

In this case, the customer told us that the consumer will not see the magnet. So we will offer him the Nickel coating.


And about the question 2, just help us know

Most of the time, we do not have the magnet which is the customer want. Same size, same grade, and the same coating. That is very not easy match customer requirement.

So we ask question 2. So we can do our best to offer the neodymium magnet which was similar to their requirements. In this case, as customer accept similar size. So we offer him 3 grade magnets:

N35 6*2mm     /     N45 5*2mm    /    N52 6*3mm

Maybe, some reader just wonders, why we offer these magnets. Because 2 of them are not the 6*2mm magnet. That is in the same grade, the magnetic power will be close if their size is similar. But please note if customer need N45 5*5mm magnet, we can not take the N45 5*9mm or N45 5*1mm magnet for the test. Because that will be different within the machine.

So If you have no idea what you want, you can ask factory send you the similar magnet. You can save lots of time in the magnet testing. But the bad thing is most of the magnet just offer the customer what they want. If they do not have the right size and right grade, they will suggest you place an order to make a sample.  That waste time and waste money. 

In these case, our customer just takes 3 days to get the one they want. And we just send him 2 times sample. 


Coating Zine and Coating Nickel magnet

What is different with Coating Zine and Coating Nickel magnet

As the magnet is very important units the lots of product. So lots of different customers buy it. Some customer buys lots of them, some customer just buys 100pcs or 1000pcs. So as a magnet factory, we always service many customers who just buy the magnet for their first time.
“what is the difference between the coating zine magnet and coating Nickel magnet.”“pls send me 1000pcs magnet” ”I want 500pcs the black magnet” ”how much the 5*5mm metal magnet ”Most customer know nothing about the magnet. So we need to ask them lots of question in order to make sure what magnet they want or what magnet is best for them, like “what magnet, what grade, what size and what is the working temperature?”
So in this post, we would like to introduce you, what is the difference between the coating zine magnet and coating Nickel magnet. So as a normal customer, and do not has the high requirement, you will know what is the difference of them.
1. Appearance
Nickel Coating magnets have good looking, and more metal feeling. In another word, that is sharp. But Zine Coating just very normal,it look likes have frosted surface. If the consumer can see the magnet, we suggest customer choose Nickel coating.
2. Price
Nickel Coating is expensive than the Zine coating. But it doesn’t matter. If you do not buy too many, you can ignore the difference. But in normal, the price will be different within 0.01 USD.
3. Function
In fact, if the magnet does not use in the high tech product. The function is the same, no different.
4. Weight
The Nickel coating will be little heavy than the Zine coating. So if you very care about the weight, you should be paying attention to that.
In the transaction, the coating is not very important. Because no matter which coating it is, the magnet still have perfect working.

Magnets Make Your Refrigerator More Useful

If someone told with you that he can make your refrigerator has new storage space. You must think that he is crazy or stupid. But it is true. If we use the magnet, the refrigerator will be bigger. So in this post, we would like to introduce you how to enlarge the space with your refrigerator.
1. Spacer Saver
In lots of families, people like to put the refrigerator in their kitchen. And lots of people have no idea, the refrigerator can help them save space just with the small tins.
So below is our material:
Clear-top Tins,
Mark Pen

tins on refrigerator
About the tins and magnets, we can buy it on Amazon or eBay, or Aliexpress. And the tin we talking about, pls note that that is the height should lower than the diameter If the height is higher than the diameter, that is a bottle, not tins. And the magnet, we suggest you buy the neodymium disc magnet, and the grade should over N35. And the diameter should be bigger and the height should be lower. And pls don’t buy the magnet which their diameter as big as the tins. Because you need some space to pull out the tins from the refrigerator. And you need at least one per tin, two will be ok fine too. But no need to make it three, that is waste money, and make it dangerous.
So that is very easy to DIY it, and let us show it to you:
1. Put the magnet to the back of tins.
And pls pay attention at this step, because as you are new, you have no idea how dangerous when you use the neodymium magnet. So we suggest you buy N35 neodymium magnet, just N35, not N52. Because N35 has enough power to attach the goods. If N52, the power is too big, they will attach the tins very quick, so you will be clipped.2. Make a tap on the magnet
As we know, the neodymium magnet is “metal”(In fact, neodymium does not the metal, just Nickel Plating ) very easily scratch the refrigerator, so we need to make a tap on that, cover the neodymium magnet, to protect the magnet and refrigerator well.
3. Mark the name on tins.
Maybe you are wondering that, why should I mark it on the tins? I know what it is. But make a mark on that, not for you, just for your friend, for your kids, and the most important, that is for your stupid boyfriend or husband. Because most of them are so careless. If you ask them to take you A, most of the time they will give you B. So in order make them give you the right thing, pls mark it. And if you want the tins to have a good-looking, you can mark it on the back. If you do not care about, just want other know that what the tin is, you can mark it on the surface of tins.
(Tips of you that, if you use the marker pen to mark the tins, you can use alcohol to clean it. Or you can write it on the paper tape, and tape it on the tins.)