Arc magnets

Arc magnets are the best way to assemble a big ring. It is notoriously difficult to produce a large disc magnet (Neodymium magnets, over 60mm in diameter). And producing a large ring is more difficult than producing a large disc magnet. Because there is one more process.
In real life, we often need large rings. The final solution is to use Arc magnets to piece together a circle.
Most commonly used in electric motors, generators and torque couplings due to their north and south pole configuration.

What are the types of arc magnets

Normal arc magnets

Another name for the arc magnets is the tile magnets because their shape is similar to the tile.

arc magnets

Twisted Arc

It is one of the custom magnets. Curved shapes that minimize detent and improve motor performance. But very hard to process, and the cost is very high. But Osenc can make it

twisted arc magnetsLarge arc magnet

Just like what we mention in the first paragraph, large magnet is very hard to produce. And large arc magnet will be very difficult to process. It takes more time and the scrap rate is higher than normal magnets.
Now the biggest block magnets we can provide is 250*100*40, disc magnets is Diameter is 300mm. So we can produce the arc magnets which are smaller than this size.

What do Arc magnets use for?

Many people know that the magnets in motors and generators are arc-shaped magnets. But the arc magnets can be made into a special product after matching with different magnetic directions—Halbach array.


Arc magnets are widely used in generator and motor assemblies. A high-quality motor and generator always need high Coercivity (Hcj), High Energy (BHmax), and high working temperature, and then Neodymium and SmCo are the best choices.

The generator and motor consist of arc-shaped magnets with opposite magnetic orientations but the same quantity, arranged in compartments to form a ring.

But it does not mean all motor magnet is arc magnets, some of them are block magnet

arc magnet for motor


Halbach array is a special arrangement of permanent magnets that augments the magnetic field on one side of the array while canceling the field to near zero on the other side. It has 2 arrays, the linear array and the ring array.  The ring array is assembled by arc magnets with different magnetic directions.

Ring Halbach simulation

Where to buy arc magnets?

All arc magnets need to place an order to the manufacturer. Because the size and performance need to be adjusted according to the needs of the project. No matter whether Neodymium arc magnets or SmCo arc magnets,  we believe we are one of your best suppliers. Contact us now.

What information should we offer?

If you just need a normal arc magnet, you need to provide at least the following information:

*Outer diameter,

*Inner diameter,


*How many pcs to assemble a ring,



In fact, this information is basic data.

But it can help our technical team understand what you want.

And then we can make drawings and easily discuss your project further with you.

We also will make changes to the drawings according to your project needs.