Amazing Facts about Magnet

Magnets can rightly be called the strange elements of nature. Although there is enough information available on magnets, scientists still feel that there are mysteries surrounding magnets that are yet to be solved. Speaking of mysteries, some of them have been already solved by the researchers and the scientists. In this article, we have compiled a list of strange magnetic facts that you may find interesting to read.

Some Of The Amazing Facts About Magnets

Here is your chance to brush up your knowledge a bit on magnets.

  • There are magnets that are so strong that they can turn metals into magnets. However, these magnets are very rarely found. Ferromagnetic materials which include iron can easily be magnetized with the help of such strong magnets. In order to transfer the magnetic qualities into the metal, all you have to do is rub them against each other and you will see that the metal is able to pick up magnetic objects easily.
  • Speaking of magnets, did you know that the Erath is like a big magnetic ball? Earth has two magnetic poles, the north and the south which is why a compass points to that direction. Magnetic poles are however different from that of geographical North and South Pole. There are invisible magnetic lines that run from poles to poles i.e. from north to south.
  • Did you know that there are animals that get affected by magnets? To put it in other words, many animals can sense the magnetic fields and that is why magnets are used to study the migratory cycles, bee communication patterns and many other different behavioral patterns of animals.
  • Magnets are ancient elements of nature. They have existed since the formation of the earth. Chinese are believed to use loadstones for navigation purposes.
  • It is strange but there are magnetic hills in existence that is said to pull large magnetic objects like cars towards them. These magnetic hills are present in certain locations. However, there is a debate going on this that these are not actually magnetic hills but a topographical illusion.
  • Magnetar is the strongest and the most powerful magnet that is found in the universe. Surprisingly, it is a star. When stars die there are supernova explosions and magnetars are the only thing that is left over. These magnetars are powerful enough to even destroy an entire planet if they get closer. According to the scientists, there are only a few of them present in the universe and they are far away from the earth.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines use magnets in order to produce magnetic fields stronger than that of Earth. To be more precise, the magnetic field produced by these machines are 60,000 times stronger than the magnetic field of the Earth.

After going through the amazing facts about magnets that are listed above, it can be concluded that magnets are truly interesting and also the most strange elements of the earth.