4 Major Different Customized Magnets vs Traditional Magnets

What we talk about customized magnet and the traditional magnet is the magnet in the daily, not the industrial magnet.

When magnets were first introduced they came in certain shapes and sizes according to their strengths, weaknesses, and uses. These were the traditional magnets i.e. bar magnets, horseshoe etc. which were used for different tasks in our everyday lives. With the change in technology, new things were discovered such as custom magnets i.e. magnets that are personally made. In this article we will talk about both the custom made and the traditional magnets by discussing the differences:

  1. Goals: There is always an aim or a goal for creating something and thus when these magnets were made they had a goal.
  • Customised Magnet: When an object is customized it is generally created for an occasion or an event and is done with an idea in mind. It is designed and then created accordingly with proper sync with everything else i.e. the material or colors
  • Traditional Magnet: Traditional magnets are made almost every day with the same ingredients and for the same task they are used for years now. The goals for these magnets remain constant and don’t change according to requirement.
  1. Household Works: In our everyday lives we need magnets in many operations and their tools. Now, for the different magnets different works are specialized:
  • Customised Magnet: These are used for sticking up items on your fridge or using them as a beautiful paperweight. They can be also used for gifting someone during a festive season. You can also create these to make the number or nameplates for your house.
  • Traditional Magnet: These magnets are generally used in equipment or tools for household works and not decoration. These are very strong magnets with a constant concentration of magnetic fields and thus they can be used everywhere.
  1. Quality: While you are comparing these two types of magnets, one very big difference between the both is about the quality.
  • Customised Magnet: The customized magnets are made from the scratch by keeping in mind the various needs of the customer. Now, the customer is shown all the samples and then a final product is created so the quality can be decided by them within their budget.
  • Traditional Magnet: The quality of a traditional magnet is pre-decided. No one is going to re-calculate the composition for changing the quality; it was made with a purpose in mind. So, the quality of the traditional magnets remains constant over the time but get better when the material is changed or upgraded.
  1. Strength: Similar to qualify the strength of these magnets completely depends on what it is made of:
  • Customised Magnet: The strength of these magnets are generally on the lower side since they are made mostly for promotional or decoration purposes.
  • Traditional Magnet: In this case, the strength of the magnet is everything since they are mainly used for tools, equipment, and other harder jobs. The composition maintains the strength of the magnet by checking the magnetic fields and if they are produced properly.

These are some of the major comparisons between these two magnets. One can always choose the one preferred for their job by looking at these points. Remember nothing can be measured with naked eyes so always check when you are purchasing.