Custom Permanent Neodymium Magnet

Interesting Things You Can Do With Custom Rare Earth Magnets

The Neodymium or rare earth magnet is certainly the best when it comes to strength and performance. The rare earth magnet features pull-force of 10 times stronger than other types of magnets and approximately 20,000 times better than the magnetic field generated by our planet. Before you plan to buy custom neodymium magnets, you must know that these magnets are also brittle. However, it can withstand much greater stress than ferrite magnets.

Now you might be wondering what the uses of neodymium magnets are. Due to affordable cost and bulk availability, the neodymium magnets are used in a variety of projects. You can also use them for creating some DIY products, which would be the following.

Magnetic sculpture:

You might have seen a variety of videos online in which the artists use custom made magnet is used to produce several different sculptures. You can also get creative and use custom magnet shapes to turn your fantasy structure a reality. You do not need to use all the magnets because you can use other metal objects to create an artistic sculpture. You just need to search for the DIY projects with custom neodymium and there will be plenty of things to do with this magnet.

Tool holder:

Neodymium magnets can be available in several different shapes. You do not need to buy all of them because you just need ½” diameter cylindrical neodymium magnet. It is not about building a tool holder for your garage, but for carrying with you. Suppose you are a mechanic and want to carry some essential tools to the job site, you should keep a small but strong neodymium magnet in your pocket. It can easily hold ratchets, wrenches, and other tools when you are working on a project. You can also use a tiny neodymium to hold your keys safely in your pocket.

Produce a mini magnetic field:

Yes, it is possible to create mini magnetic field by using custom made magnets. You need a round neodymium magnet and a copper piping of the same diameter as the round shaped neodymium. Now you have to hold the copper tube vertically and drop the round neodymium magnet in that tube. You might think that it will drop down like a ball bearing but that is not going to happen. The magnet creates a mini magnetic field as it passes through copper and therefore it does not drop like a ball bearing. Try this experiment and then repeat it in front of your friends.

Floating paper clip:

It is a classic experiment often performed with the neodymium magnet. Get a small neodymium and stick above the floating paper clip stand. Now tie the paper click with a nylon thread and tie it just 2” below the magnet. The bottom of the stand will keep the nylon thread in its place and the paper clip will appear like floating in air. It can be a great decorative sculpture. You can use a large strong magnet and replace paper clip with any other metal object to make this experiment look more appealing.

There are many other DIY things you can try with custom magnets. The above explained experiments are simple and quite fascinating and therefore you must try them.

custom shape neodymium magnet

Searching for custom shaped neodymium magnets?

You get a variety of options to choose from when searching for customized magnets cheap. The Neodymium magnets are versatile and popular for their magnetic strength and unique shapes. The neodymium magnets are prepared from neodymium, iron, and boron. The mix of these three elements turns these magnets into the strongest available magnets on this planet.

This magnet does not rust because of nickel plated surface. Hence the neodymium magnets are cheap and widely available, they are used in a huge range of electronic, artistic, and mechanical products. If you are also planning to buy one, you should consider a few important things before you place the order.

What shape’s neodymium magnet you want?

Different shapes’ neodymium magnets are used for different demands. Whether you are looking for design magnets to produce something artistic or simply need a small but powerful magnet, check all the shape magnets available in the market. You can get neodymium magnets in a variety of shapes such as rod/disks, disk countersunks, squares, rings, spheres, square countersunks, etc. All the magnets in these shapes will be nickel painted to prevent rusting. The strength and unique shape of these magnets can provide great support in any application.

The size:

When buying custom designed magnets, it is quite important to choose a right size. You might need the magnet for producing an electronic product or industrial equipment. One size of the magnet does not fit for all the equipment and devices. Though small size custom industrial magnets are also quite powerful, but they cannot replace giant sized neodymium magnets for heavy jobs. You should carefully consult the size of the magnet before you place the order to ensure you will receive the right one for your job.

Choose a reliable manufacturer:

A number of custom magnet manufacturers are available in the market. Most of them claim to offer high-quality service. They claim to offer all sizes and all shapes’ neodymium magnets but eventually they end up by restricting the design and shape options. You should discuss all your demands prior to placing the order to placing the order. Thus, you can ensure you will receive what you are paying for. Buying custom shaped neodymium magnets from local manufacturer may be a risky deal because you may end up by paying an expensive price. You should search for the manufacturers online and then pick the best one for placing a bulk order.

Buying custom neodymium magnets becomes an easy task when the manufacturer already has standard types and sizes of this magnet. You cannot deny the fact that neodymium magnets are the best when it comes to strength and availability. Their sensitivity to high temperatures makes them a bit risky to invest. However, you can find a manufacturer who can produce neodymium magnets by adding additional materials to reduce temperature sensitivity. Thus, you will be able to use this magnet in a variety of applications without spending a lot on buying different types’ magnets.