6*2mm, super magnet

What does magnet seller do can help you save money and time

One of our customers wants to buy a neodymium magnet for his machine. In the sketch, the magnet should be “6*2mm, super magnet” And then he told us that “we want to buy the 10 pcs super magnet for our magnet, and my engineer told me that the magnet should be a super magnet, so what is the price?”

That is the problem always happen if the customer is the first time to buy it. We would like to share our experience.

As we have no idea what the neodymium magnet suit for their machine. So we ask the customer below question:


“If the consumer uses the machine, can they see the magnet?”

Question 2

“Can we adjust the dimension?”


The first question helps us know what coating we should use.  In the market there lots of material can be chosen to coat the magnet, likes Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Gold, Silver, Epoxy, Black Nickel, Chromium. But most of the time, we just choose Nickel, Zinc.  So what’s different with them?  For lots of customers, if the customer can see the magnet when they use the product, we suggest consumer buy the Nickel coating magnet. If the consumer does not see the magnet, Zinc coating will be a nice choice. Because the price is nice. We can say that Nickel has a nice looking and Zinc has a nice price.

When the magnet is small, the price will not too much different, but when the magnet is big, the price will be very different.  

In this case, the customer told us that the consumer will not see the magnet. So we will offer him the Nickel coating.


And about the question 2, just help us know

Most of the time, we do not have the magnet which is the customer want. Same size, same grade, and the same coating. That is very not easy match customer requirement.

So we ask question 2. So we can do our best to offer the neodymium magnet which was similar to their requirements. In this case, as customer accept similar size. So we offer him 3 grade magnets:

N35 6*2mm     /     N45 5*2mm    /    N52 6*3mm

Maybe, some reader just wonders, why we offer these magnets. Because 2 of them are not the 6*2mm magnet. That is in the same grade, the magnetic power will be close if their size is similar. But please note if customer need N45 5*5mm magnet, we can not take the N45 5*9mm or N45 5*1mm magnet for the test. Because that will be different within the machine.

So If you have no idea what you want, you can ask factory send you the similar magnet. You can save lots of time in the magnet testing. But the bad thing is most of the magnet just offer the customer what they want. If they do not have the right size and right grade, they will suggest you place an order to make a sample.  That waste time and waste money. 

In these case, our customer just takes 3 days to get the one they want. And we just send him 2 times sample. 


Coating Zine and Coating Nickel magnet

What is different with Coating Zine and Coating Nickel magnet

As the magnet is very important units the lots of product. So lots of different customers buy it. Some customer buys lots of them, some customer just buys 100pcs or 1000pcs. So as a magnet factory, we always service many customers who just buy the magnet for their first time.
“what is the difference between the coating zine magnet and coating Nickel magnet.”“pls send me 1000pcs magnet” ”I want 500pcs the black magnet” ”how much the 5*5mm metal magnet ”Most customer know nothing about the magnet. So we need to ask them lots of question in order to make sure what magnet they want or what magnet is best for them, like “what magnet, what grade, what size and what is the working temperature?”
So in this post, we would like to introduce you, what is the difference between the coating zine magnet and coating Nickel magnet. So as a normal customer, and do not has the high requirement, you will know what is the difference of them.
1. Appearance
Nickel Coating magnets have good looking, and more metal feeling. In another word, that is sharp. But Zine Coating just very normal,it look likes have frosted surface. If the consumer can see the magnet, we suggest customer choose Nickel coating.
2. Price
Nickel Coating is expensive than the Zine coating. But it doesn’t matter. If you do not buy too many, you can ignore the difference. But in normal, the price will be different within 0.01 USD.
3. Function
In fact, if the magnet does not use in the high tech product. The function is the same, no different.
4. Weight
The Nickel coating will be little heavy than the Zine coating. So if you very care about the weight, you should be paying attention to that.
In the transaction, the coating is not very important. Because no matter which coating it is, the magnet still have perfect working.

Magnets Make Your Refrigerator More Useful

If someone told with you that he can make your refrigerator has new storage space. You must think that he is crazy or stupid. But it is true. If we use the magnet, the refrigerator will be bigger. So in this post, we would like to introduce you how to enlarge the space with your refrigerator.
1. Spacer Saver
In lots of families, people like to put the refrigerator in their kitchen. And lots of people have no idea, the refrigerator can help them save space just with the small tins.
So below is our material:
Clear-top Tins,
Mark Pen

tins on refrigerator
About the tins and magnets, we can buy it on Amazon or eBay, or Aliexpress. And the tin we talking about, pls note that that is the height should lower than the diameter If the height is higher than the diameter, that is a bottle, not tins. And the magnet, we suggest you buy the neodymium disc magnet, and the grade should over N35. And the diameter should be bigger and the height should be lower. And pls don’t buy the magnet which their diameter as big as the tins. Because you need some space to pull out the tins from the refrigerator. And you need at least one per tin, two will be ok fine too. But no need to make it three, that is waste money, and make it dangerous.
So that is very easy to DIY it, and let us show it to you:
1. Put the magnet to the back of tins.
And pls pay attention at this step, because as you are new, you have no idea how dangerous when you use the neodymium magnet. So we suggest you buy N35 neodymium magnet, just N35, not N52. Because N35 has enough power to attach the goods. If N52, the power is too big, they will attach the tins very quick, so you will be clipped.2. Make a tap on the magnet
As we know, the neodymium magnet is “metal”(In fact, neodymium does not the metal, just Nickel Plating ) very easily scratch the refrigerator, so we need to make a tap on that, cover the neodymium magnet, to protect the magnet and refrigerator well.
3. Mark the name on tins.
Maybe you are wondering that, why should I mark it on the tins? I know what it is. But make a mark on that, not for you, just for your friend, for your kids, and the most important, that is for your stupid boyfriend or husband. Because most of them are so careless. If you ask them to take you A, most of the time they will give you B. So in order make them give you the right thing, pls mark it. And if you want the tins to have a good-looking, you can mark it on the back. If you do not care about, just want other know that what the tin is, you can mark it on the surface of tins.
(Tips of you that, if you use the marker pen to mark the tins, you can use alcohol to clean it. Or you can write it on the paper tape, and tape it on the tins.)