6*2mm, super magnet

What does magnet seller do can help you save money and time

One of our customers wants to buy a neodymium magnet for his machine. In the sketch, the magnet should be “6*2mm, super magnet” And then he told us that “we want to buy the 10 pcs super magnet for our magnet, and my engineer told me that the magnet should be a super magnet, so […]

Coating Zine and Coating Nickel magnet

What is different with Coating Zine and Coating Nickel magnet

As the magnet is very important units the lots of product. So lots of different customers buy it. Some customer buys lots of them, some customer just buys 100pcs or 1000pcs. So as a magnet factory, we always service many customers who just buy the magnet for their first time. “what is the difference between […]

Magnets Make Your Refrigerator More Useful

If someone told with you that he can make your refrigerator has new storage space. You must think that he is crazy or stupid. But it is true. If we use the magnet, the refrigerator will be bigger. So in this post, we would like to introduce you how to enlarge the space with your […]