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What is gauss in magnet business

What is gauss in magnet business

In this business, we often hear about Magnet Gauss, but we have a question now, what is Gauss? How much can Gauss be achieved with magnetism? How do we know how much Gauss does the magnet have? How much can Gauss be used for the commonly used N35 and N38? In this post, we would […]

What Adhesives use for Magnet

There are lots of magnet in the market, but how to work with the different types of magnets? Like the neodymium magnet, ferrite magnet. In this post,we would like to share you that what is different if we use different glues and adhesives. Even we will mention some specific glues. But as a professional magnet […]

Use Cube Neodymium Magnets For Magnetic Levitation

This post is part of our series on how to handle cube neodymium magnets safely. In this post, we are showing you how to safely put cube magnets together with the poles in a checkerboard pattern that is suitable for magnetic levitation. What you see is pyrolytic graphite being repelled by four cube neodymium magnets. […]

How to Combine two large neodymium magnets

If you have experience with two large neodymium magnet, you must be known that it is very dangerous to combine them. So we would like to show you how to safely put two large neodymium magnets together. And with a spacer in between the magnets. And the most important point, without any magnets splitting and […]

Combine 2 PCS Super Neodymium Magnet

Combine 2 PCS Super Neodymium Magnet

This is a post just want to show you our mad magnet experiments. This will be our craziest so far. We are sure you haven’t seen this before. We’ll attempt to combine two 6×2 inch neodymium magnets. It is very dangerous and a hard work. Because of magnets with a rated pull force of 1200 […]

manget with TV

When the neodymium magnet meets the electronic product

Most of the people were told that”Don’t put the magnet close with the electronic product. Because the electronic product will be damaged.” Is that true? And is there anyone know what the damage is? In this post, we’ll test what happens when we put a very powerful 6-inch neodymium magnet close to the electronic product, […]

Guideline of purchasing magnet

4 Guideline in Neodymium Magnet Purchasing

This post about shows you how to handle large neodymium magnets safely and sometimes test their power just for the fun of it… we were often asked what neodymium magnet would be good for a beginner who would like to try the power of neo-magnets but has no experience with their power. In this post, […]

what is magnet grade

What Are Grades of Magnets?

When shopping for neodymium magnets you will meet a term called ‘grade’ which is typically shown as a capital N followed by a two digit number and maybe some extra letters. Look like, N45, N52, 38EH,40UH,30SH,33M, 33H. But what are grades of magnets? what does grade mean? OK, Let’s explain it to you. About the […]

N52 Pulling Magnet

Why so hard to find N52 magnet manufactory

N52 Magnet, lots of people hear his name, and someone just confuses that is there really exist? And why it is hard to find N52 NdFeB magnet manufactory. The N52 NdFeB neodymium-iron-boron magnet material is indeed existent, and there are indeed technologies that can produce such high-performance materials. However, the materials available on the market, […]